Learn how R2i helped MIT CISR enhance user experiences and deepen engagements.
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MIT CISR’s current digital experience prevented the Center from achieving its primary goal of reaching a wide audience of executive leaders and giving them the tools to apply those findings as they are engaged in digital transformation.
Improving the digital experience and driving engagement with the Center’s research, teaching and events would assist in achievement of this goal of a more personalized, engaging and outcomes centric digital presence. Simply put, MIT needed to engage in a meaningful way to provide the real value in the research they provide while creating interaction points that lead more holistic views by the site visitors. 


R2i collaborated with MIT CISR to design, develop and implement their new platform as the first phase of modernizing and transforming the Center’s digital excellence. A through discovery and analysis outlined and prioritized areas of the MIT CISR’s digital experience:


Deliver a consistent user experience through all touchpoints, including email, event registration, social channels, etc.
Provide a stabilized operational backbone for the Center, leveraging high-quality data and technology as a first step towards efficiency and process support for the internal team(s)
Scale to be seamlessly integrated with other internal and external features and tools to provide a holistic, contextual, continuously connected user experience
Provide clear and intuitive paths to easily search, gain access to, and download content, regardless of device, to the many personas within the user and sponsor base
Take aspects of content fragments and repackage them in user-friendly, data-driven, highly relevant, digital experiences powered by related content
Engage users with the Center by replicating the in-person experience of a MIT CISR event in a digital experience that leverages human connections made and a collaborative research model


  • UX

    New and improved digital experience creates seamless, intuitive, and collaborative  journeys for each of MIT CISR’s varying, differentiated target personas.

    An authenticated experience leverages each user’s profile and behavioral data to curate and serve up the most relevant content.
  • DATA

    Optimized data integration provides value to users by continually collecting data to enhance their experiences and deepen engagements. 


    Providing MIT CISR with the tools to apply data and analytics findings to digital transformation efforts.

The Goods

  • Strategy & Insights
  • Experience Design
  • Technology Integration
  • Digital Transformation Mapping
  • Demand Generation Outreach