InTouch Health

Launching a digital foundation to better captivate key audience segments.

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Intouch Health is a cloud-based telehealth organization that provides hospitals and healthcare systems with digital tools to provide patients with high-quality clinical care at any time. Despite being a leader in the telehealth industry, the company realized they lacked the marketing technology infrastructure and digital identity to effectively reach their target audience and approached R2i to build a solution that could support their business objectives.


By unifying cloud technology, data, content, and UX design, R2i helped InTouch Health evolve their corporate website from a static web property to a digital touchpoint crafted to create more valuable customer relationships. Using Adobe AEM as a martech foundation, this new digital presence focuses on articulating InTouch Health’s value proposition to the brand’s core healthcare audience segments through persona strategies, refreshed navigation paths, content optimization, and key technology integrations to improve lead generation and sales efforts.


  • Technology Foundation

    Improved internal workflows and marketing efficiency

  • Audience Engagement

    Responsive web design to reach audiences across devices

  • Brand Identity

    Differentiated against competitors through modernized UX

  • Technical Expertise

    Migrated content from over 300+ pages

The Goods

  • Adobe Experience Cloud Activation
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • UX Design
  • Content Strategy