See how a personalized funnel strategy led students to convert in nearly half the time.

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Fortis is a for-profit higher education institution that offers career-training programs across nursing, dental, IT, and other skilled trade fields. With digital playing a massive role in the lives of their target audiences, Fortis tasked R2i with improving their digital presence in a way that would create engagement with their prospective student populations and drive them toward program application faster and more efficiently.


R2i revamped Fortis’ digital identity through an in-depth engagement funnel strategy, applying audience insights and content marketing tactics to create digital experiences that directly addressed their audience’s career-building needs. The new strategy uses customer journey mapping, personalization paths, dynamic media, and web enhancements to deliver tailored content at the most influential moments of their students’ decision-making process—helping Fortis cut down on campaign investments and prompting prospective students to take action earlier in their consideration process.


  • Lead Generation

    232% YoY increase in direct leads and 16% YoY increase in influenced leads from blog content

  • Faster User Interaction

    Decreased user conversion paths by 44%

  • Accelerated Engagement

    Prospective students submitted leads 28% earlier in their first web touchpoint

  • Stronger Digital Investments

    Helped improve the blog content ROI by +43%

The Goods

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Persona Development