Read how R2i built a scalable, high-performance demand generation engine to capitalize on target market opportunities for a cloud commerce digital transformation

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Build a scalable, high-performance demand generation engine to capitalize on target market opportunities for cloud commerce digital transformation:

Build the Brand: CloudBlue, a subsidiary of Ingram Micro, had limited brand recognition with a small but critical target audience of high-value prospects.

Drive Pipeline Velocity: Generate qualified leads and nurture them through an extended, complex sales cycle while supporting a newly formed sales and marketing organization. 



R2i built an integrated program that would resonate with and activate the ecosystem of current customers, potential partners, analysts, and SMB customers — making CloudBlue the strategic choice and long-term bet for successful enterprises.

Combined the best of Account Based targeting to efficiently reach a small yet diverse audience, with relevant content to resonate with all levels of the buying team. Targets were engaged contextually in brand media, direct response communications, events, and high-value nurture streams.

R2i leveraged an existing partnership with Fortune to bring immediate brand credibility and drive higher volume of relevant, timely content. 


  • Demand Generation Engine

    Leveraging paid search, social, and content syndication, R2i generated over 2500 leads to drive demand and feed the sales pipeline

  • Account-Based Marketing Practice

    Defined and built an end-to-end marketing and sales operation to deliver strong, foundational ABM that closes more deals faster

  • Amplify Brand Awareness

    Quickly positioned CloudBlue as a thought leader and brand contender through select media partnerships, creative campaigns, and content plus SEO


The Goods

  • Demand Generation, ABM and  Campaign Strategy
  • Media Planning & Execution 
  • Campaign Concepting & Execution
  • Governance & Account Services
  • Data Services
  • Marketing Automation & Reporting Consultation