On-Demand Webinar Alert: Importance of Customer Engagements Rises Sharply

The world is now very different and may be for a very long time following the COVID-19 pandemic. With people spending more time living and working at home, online customer experiences matter more than ever. Digital interactions are likely going to be the first experiences customers have with your brand every time they engage with you for one of your products or services.

Whether you’re in healthcare, education, retail or the restaurant business, customers are looking for you to reduce face-to-face time as much as possible. Even if customers want to buy from you, if you don’t reduce physical touchpoints and enable social distancing as well as your competition does, they will take their business elsewhere.

Bridging the Gap Today Brings Customers Back Tomorrow 
The current market landscape across multiple industries underscores the impact of people spending most of their time at home:

  •  More than 90% of major US retailers have temporarily closed stores
  •  $103B in expected revenue losses for health insurers due to testing and illnesses 
  •  83% of consumers are concerned the virus will harm their finances
  •  Hotels have experienced an increase of more than 71% in cancellations worldwide
  •  The global tech market will slow to 3% as companies postpone new IT spending

To quickly respond to fast-moving trends like these, businesses need to leverage digital communications to show customers that they are there for them in the moments that matter. This includes maintaining fast responses to customer inquiries, even during high call-volume time periods. 

It also means consistently transacting business online so that you enable social distancing as much as possible. Even if customers must come to your location to pick up products, you can eliminate onsite credit card exchanges. By bridging the gap today, you will build greater loyalty down the road.

Barriers to Improving Customer Experiences
Handling emergency situations in the face of a pandemic requires intelligent data management capabilities. You need to respond instantly and appropriately to what matters most anywhere across your business infrastructure. This includes transforming the ways you communicate, deliver cost savings, provide customer service, and respond to customer inquiries.

How your brand responds in a crisis will have a significant impact on customer loyalty. Studies show nearly 9 in 10 consumers are likely to shop with a brand who handles a crisis well.

But rapidly responding to customer needs with relevant experiences is hard. Barriers include slow time-to-market due to code-heavy tools for content delivery and updates that require IT involvement. You may also run into inconsistencies and inefficiencies because of disconnected technologies and processes. You have great marketing tools, but there’s no integration tying the data and processes together.

Another major barrier is ineffective personalization. This can come from insufficient customer insights or a lack of resources. You need to understand their journeys, where they are at in that journey, and map your communications to each point in the journey.

An Opportunity to Reinvent Customer Loyalty
Can your digital platform help you pivot to meet the challenges of a pandemic? Do you have an emergency preparedness plan to adjust to shifts like those described above? 

If you answer, “No” to either question, check our on-demand webinar, "Customer Engagement & Experience: Accelerating Your Strategy." It features customer experience experts from R2i and Adobe who discuss how to attract new customers, reinvent customer loyalty, and connect new ideas with business realities. You can also find out how to build, focus and demonstrate value through scalable digital initiatives utilizing the Adobe Experience Manager Cloud Services platform.

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