The New iPad: Apple Up-leveled Tablets...Again

Samantha DeVita, Contributor


“Resolutionary” is how Apple describes it, and after having spent a few days with it, I absolutely agree. It is just that. Although not far off from what you get on the current 4G iPhone in terms of overall features and benefits, the #iPad is for lack of a better word…amazing and “resolutionary” enough to make countless numbers pre-order and stand in long lines to be one of the first.

Beyond the ultra-fast 4G LTE speed, one of the driving motivators for my purchase of the new iPad, was its high definition Retina Display. With four times more pixels than the iPad 2, the new iPad produces such bold crisp colors you’d think I was looking at a live tree in my front yard, instead of at one on a screen.

At the March 7th Apple event, Apple’s Eddie Cue told the crowd “this display has “1 million more pixels than HDTV...with 264 pixels per inch in this display, and that’s enough to call it a Retina Display.” That’s huge for a frequent traveler like me, as iBooks now have an unmatched razor-sharp quality to them, which Apple says does not impact its 10 hours of battery life, great for those long flights and layovers I seem to always find myself on.

The new iPad does not disappoint. One of the most exciting features is the #iSight Camera, a 5-megapixel camera with a backside illumination sensor that captures great-looking pictures whether you take them in bright sunlight or low light. Like the features of many Apple products, tap-to-focus, and tap-to-set exposure functions are easy to grasp, and the quality is fantastic. Another nice feature is the built-in face detector; it auto-balances the focus on up to ten faces in an image. Perfect, when trying to get that many people to focus in the same direction at the same time is a task in itself!

BTW, if you’re in search of a great run down of photo-editing apps for your new iPad, check out Karen Schiff Freeman’s latest post. She’s rounded up the best of the best, with detailed descriptions and icon images. App prices range form $0.99 to $14.99, so you have a nice selection to choose from.

One thing that upset me just a bit, and which was reported in a recent article on Mashable, is that the Smart Cover I bought, is actually a cover for the #iPad2, and it doesn’t align properly with the new iPad. According to Mashable’s Chris Taylor, “Smart Covers, which attach to the iPad’s built-in magnets, are supposed to turn the tablet on automatically when you flip them open. But as dozens of new iPad users agree, that is not the case with many Smart Covers on the new iPad.” Glad to see it wasn’t just me!

I was able to pick up a leather Lucky Brand iPad cover with a fantastic inscription on the inside that makes me smile every time I open it. It simply states: “Lucky You," and I happen to agree!

Did you snag one of the 300,000 million iPads sold in the days since they’ve gone on sale? I’d love your feedback. What feature(s) sold you on it? Catch me here or at @R2integrated.

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