The Great Debate: Google AdWords vs. Bing Ads

Chris Hauck, Marketing & Communication Intern

Google AdWords is the leading search engine for PPC campaigns and an essential tool for any business who wants to get involved with paid search advertising. With 67% market share and significantly higher impressions and click through rates than other search engines, adopting AdWords seems like the obvious choice. However, that doesn’t mean businesses should skip their due diligence and not consider other PPC networks like the Yahoo! Bing Network (YBN). By looking into the use of the Yahoo! Bing Network as well as Google AdWords you may be able to create a competitive advantage over some of your competitors.

Google AdWords

Controlling almost 2/3 of the market, Google is the dominant player in the paid search advertising industry with its paid search impressions increasing over the last year by roughly 38%. Google is in a strong position and doesn’t show signs of weakening.Google-Ad-Words

Google AdWords consists of two networks: Google Search Network and Google Search Partners. The Google Search Network displays ads on all of its search related sites such as Google Search, Google Shopping and Google Maps. The Google Display Network however displays ads on all other websites it has a relationship with such as Gmail, Blogger, YouTube and Google Finance but that are not directly related to its search functions.

Yahoo! Bing Network

In 2009, Yahoo! and Bing merged to create the Yahoo! Bing Network in which Bing would take over control of Yahoo!’s search operation. The YBN has been useful for smaller marketing budgets and is grabbing more market share. Since its inception, YBN has not been able to compare to Google AdWords on the size of its market share and reach. However, if we look below the surface you begin to see the silver lining for the Yahoo! Bing Network.yahoo-bing-network

Like Google, Bing also allows businesses to advertise through two different networks: Bing Search Network and Bing Content Network. The Bing Search Network advertises on all of Bing and Yahoo!’s direct properties. The Bing Content Network includes Bing and Yahoo! owned and operated sites as well as partner sites that have a specific focus to make for relevant ad placement. Also, to make it convenient for its customers, YBN has made it easy to upload existing Google Ads into their networks for an easy and seamless switch.

Why should I consider Yahoo! Bing Network?

On average, Yahoo! Bing Network’s cost per click is 50-70% less than Google AdWords and the impressions vary in cost from 76-90% less. There is also 36% less competition on Yahoo! Bing than on Google AdWords. This proves to be especially useful for small companies who may have a smaller marketing budget and don’t want to break the bank trying to get a first page SERP.


Bing also has a very helpful customer service department that is willing to help small companies that spend at least $500 a month. Google has a good customer service department too, as long as you spend a minimum $500,000 a year, which is an entirely different scale of paid advertising.

With Yahoo! Bing you can increase your advertising reach by up to 30% with an additional 150+ million users and of that a little over 45 million users only use Yahoo! Bing and never Google. For the smaller companies who may not have a marketing budget to support the high prices and competition from Google AdWords, the Yahoo! Bing Network is perfect.


We understand solely using Yahoo! Bing may not be for everyone, after all, every company is different. But perhaps, if your marketing budget allows, you could try leveraging both. By using both engines for advertising you have increased your reach by almost half and have extended your ads to an additional 150+ million users. Sounds like a no brainer.

Chris Hauck

About the author: Chris Hauck

Chris works in internal Marketing at R2i while finishing his undergraduate business degree at Towson University. With a focus on marketing research and content creation, he is gradually becoming an omni-channel approach digital marketer. Chris likes to spend his weekends running for different charity events, while recently participating in the Color Run and Tough Mudder. He bowls with the bumpers down, and isn't afraid to swim shortly after eating a heavy meal.

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