The Connection Betwen UX and Business Success

Sarie Drake, Sr. UX Architect

In far too many boardrooms, UX is perceived simply as a design element or one aspect of a redesign process rather than what it is—a vital extension of your brand.

Like content was during the 2000s, user experience now reigns king—encompassing content, usability, design and functionality. It spans all digital channels, platforms, and assets on which your brand lives. Despite this, many business leaders seem adamant on typecasting UX as a website feature rather than realizing it’s ubiquitous nature. Simply put, UX can’t be pigeonholed into the website experience or an aspect of design, because your users can’t all be pigeonholed into a single journey.

Investing in UX Pays Off

Every micro-interaction users have with your digital assets is a reflection on your company – how innovative, how useful, how personal, how delightful, and how in-tune with customers it is. Ultimately, these experiences culminate in a user’s perception of your brand and influence their decision to convert. The more thought and resources brands devote to UX provides a correlation to business success.

Sub-optimal usability, flawed functionality, or irrelevant content frustrates users, ensuring that they won’t commit to being buyers let alone brand advocates. While one bad user experience may not seem all that important, failing to do UX due diligence actually has a substantial effect on your business. In the US alone, the cost of re-work and improving faulty digital experiences estimates to be $75 billion per year. Bad UX doesn’t just alienate customers—it slows down project timelines, wastes development resources, and quickly becomes costly.

Alternatively, a positive UX leads to engagement, conversions, rel="noopener noreferrer" and ultimately revenue. Forrester research indicates that companies gain a $100 ROI for every $1 invested in UX improvements. 

Ultimately, great UX leads to great business outcomes. And user experiences must be thoughtfully executed to impact your bottom line.


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