The Acquia Pivot

Chris Chodnicki, Co-Founder, CTO

Solid, leading companies know how to consistently assess market conditions, recognize patterns, listen to customers, and align their product and service offerings accordingly. Acquia has been doing this for over a decade, bringing a SaaS cloud website management platform to enterprise level organizations that adopt the open source CMS Drupal. 

Over this time, Acquia contributed to the global growth of Drupal by adding bolt-on tools and products such as multi-site management, Drupal Gardens and Commons, eCommerce integration, and content personalization capabilities. These additions to the Acquia cloud help organizations manage content, experiences, and engagement in a scalable, efficient manner. Along the way, Acquia has gained worldwide clients, agency and system integrator partners, and has been recognized as a Leader in Web Content Management systems by Forrester and Gartner.

Marketers are responsible for initiatives that require more integration and use of data to drive content and achieve digital goals, but they also require resources to manage and make sense of the tools and data available to them. The ability to manage and monitor this is challenging given the sheer volume of systems, corresponding data, content, and talent resource needs. To help solve for this, Acquia has again pivoted. The company has added two new data-driven products, Journey and DAM, that serve as integrated tools for marketing, communications, and IT departments. As Dries Buytaert, Acquia’s CTO and original Drupal creator states, “Acquia Journey enables marketers to build data-driven customer journeys. It allows marketers to easily map, assemble, orchestrate, and manage customer experiences.”

The introduction of Acquia DAM serves as an equally important tool for marketers. As the number of customer channels and devices continue to increase, so too do the volume of assets that marketers must maintain. Acquia DAM offers an intuitive, centralized repository that businesses can use to manage and share these digital assets—images, PDFs, multimedia—and solves a common marketing challenge by making their integration layer intentionally agnostic.

R2i has been along for the ride with Acquia. Over ten years ago, our clients were adopting content management platforms that gave them control over the web experiences they delivered to their customers. There was a relatively narrow focus in terms of digital and web marketing, and a relatively lean landscape compared to today, for the tools with which to build those digital foundations. We leaned into Acquia early on as a best-in-breed CMS provider and became a Certified Partner, implementing SaaS solutions for mid to large enterprise clients. 

As digital and technology have become more important to the success of a company’s internal and customer-facing objectives, marketers have had to expand their tools as well as their skill sets and partnerships to manage expectations and to drive ROI from investments. We have been on the receiving end of clients who need to be more strategic, who work with us to understand buyer personas and journeys, and who need to be data-driven in their delivery of digital experiences. These needs have been driven by their customers as well as the competitive landscape. Our own capabilities have also evolved with the needs of our clients which allow us to add value to the technologies available in the market and make them a source of ROI and a core component of customer experiences. We have intentionally stayed close to Acquia as their solutions have evolved and have worked with a variety of clients to integrate Acquia’s range of solutions.

Today, we have achieved Preferred Partner status which provides us deeper support, access to product road-mapping, early product insights, and sandbox environments to architect proof of concepts and custom solutions for our clients. In this partnership, we are able to respond to the competing priorities of our clients by providing them with an experienced approach to navigating technology and integrating it with business and marketing priorities.

Chris Chodnicki

About the author: Chris Chodnicki

With over 20 years experience in business and technology industries, Chris Chodnicki has successfully developed, managed and integrated leading technology products and initiatives for a wide variety of clients that include Texas Instruments, Sharp Electronics, Time Warner Cable, Forbes.com, University of California, and The National Endowment for Financial Education. He holds a B.S. from Randolph-Macon College and has three very 'active' children.

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