R2i Roundtable: What is Marketing Acceleration?

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At R2i, “Marketing Acceleration” is beyond a buzzword. Here, the goal of achieving faster connections with customers is at the heart of everything we do. While many marketers are already experiencing the need to accelerate, for others, who are just starting to see this trend pop up, the term might seem a little mysterious. At 30,000 feet, “Marketing Acceleration” is the ability to sense opportunities for customer engagement paired with the agility to meet customers where they are, all while optimizing for maximum speed and efficiency. Taking a closer look, we asked our strategy team to tell us what “Marketing Acceleration” means to them, and how marketers can achieve faster connections with their customers.

What Does “Marketing Acceleration” Mean to You?


Bethany Arwa
Flowing through the funnel faster

As a marketer, it’s our job to reach people where they are, when they are, and with what they need. Marketing acceleration takes that concept and puts it in hyper-drive by facilitating faster connections with people.

The advent of digital marketing, personalization, and Martech has enabled marketers to reach audiences in more places than ever, and with personalized content to address their specific need, at that specific time. It’s all about reaching people—at any phase of the funnel—and helping them down that funnel faster.

To accomplish this, marketers need to leverage new technology and deeper analytics to understand where customers are in the funnel and be agile enough to deliver the kind of information customers need, when they need it. That’s why experts across web development, strategy, analytics, media, and creative routinely work together to create these kinds of individualized strategies for all our customers. It is this kind of collaboration that ensures our clients get the most out of our breadth and depth of services.

Carter Hallett
Rapid response and optimization

Marketing acceleration is the concept of being able to rapidly respond to changes and opportunities in the market through an “always-on” optimization model. It is powered by an ongoing cycle of planning, activating, analyzing, and adjusting, where optimizations are informed by real data. It requires technology resources to automate processes and critical thinking to drive insights and opportunities. Connections with customers are accelerated because our marketing efforts are faster, more authentic, and tied to customer needs, emotions, and pain points.

Kelly Schwab
Reaching your customers before your competitors

In a digital age where everything is rapidly changing and easily accessible, it’s crucial to leverage marketing acceleration to ensure that you’re informing your consumers before your competition is.

This requires different technology tools for efficiencies based on the business goals and campaign outputs including integrated CRMs, content management, scheduling, and asset management tools. From an operational perspective, it’s necessary to tighten the team, create frameworks to streamline the process, and reduce revisions.

For our clients who have numerous priorities and shorter seasonal cycles such as those in the B2B Tech or Healthcare industry, we work with them to ensure that with each new campaign we don’t have to start from zero every single time but can instead take learnings and processes from previous work and constantly evolve.

Mike Tirone
Maximizing efficiencies, minimizing cost

Marketing Acceleration could be considered the process of reaching your target audience quicker, cheaper, and more efficiently. But it is also ensuring that the process doesn’t compromise the integrity of the brand or messaging. Getting in front of your audience is vital, but making sure your message resonates to their needs, behaviors, or pain points is how marketing acceleration can stand out from various other tactics.

I feel the first step to achieve greater marketing acceleration is by optimizing internal processes so they can be habitual and therefore minimizing inefficiencies. For brands with a highly mature marketing ecosystem, this could mean becoming more of a disrupter within their vertical. For less mature markets, it could be reconfiguring their content production structure to deliver resources faster and campaigns more timely.

The best ways to achieve faster customer connections is to make customers feel the brand is less like a company selling products and more like a fellow customer themselves. This means relating to their interests, connecting in areas that are less saturated with blatant marketing messages, being immediately visible when target audiences are seeking products/services, and creating content that is easily consumable and sharable to encourage peer reviews and validation.

Tim Cooke

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