For the last four years, R2i has worked with Williams Scotsman, an Algeco Scotsman company and leading provider of modular space and storage solutions in North America. In this year's MBI Awards, Williams Scotsman was honored by the Modular Building Institute, for excellence and outstanding innovation within the commercial modular space industry. Williams Scotsman received the First Place Award of distinction in the marketing website category for their ability to elevate their brand's digital experience.

As their agency partner, R2i conducted persona research to identify the company's key users and audience types, and delivered data-driven insights to revamp their homepage, content hierarchy, IA structure, and navigation paths on www.willscot.com. The objective was to optimize the user experience of both their loyal and prospective customers by designing a website that focuses on their needs, motivations, and behaviors, while also highlighting the modular space options available to them.

"First impressions are everything," says Kelly Christopher, Digital Marketing Manager at Williams Scotsman. "We redesigned the site and streamlined navigation so customers could find what they need quickly and easily. The improved user experience has resulted in an 11% increase in traffic and 8% more orders from leads generated on the site."

By emphasizing the importance of visual design, content strategy, and digital experience, Williams Scotsman has transformed www.willscot.com into a sales tool for their team to effectively speak to the full spectrum of their customers and quickly connect them with appropriate products, ultimately supporting company-wide goals and initiatives.

About the Author: Eric Loy

As Content Marketing Manager, Eric helps develop R2i's content strategy with a focus on brand awareness and lead generation. He's passionate about storytelling and considers Dr. Seuss and Kanye to be geniuses in their own right. A good friend once told him, "success is making the people who believed in you look brilliant," a motto he hopes to one day soon embody. His life goal is to eliminate mumbling and buzzwords so people can get back to understanding one another.

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