Meet R2i

Meet R2i: Lauren Landis, Account Manager

  How long have you worked at R2i? Who are some of your clients?
I just celebrated my two-year anniversary at R2i! My clients include Atlantic Health System, Rekor, BGE HOME and Education Affiliates. 

  What is a recent project that you’ve really enjoyed working on?
I would say I favor a type of project rather than one project specifically. Software evolution and new product launches have brought testing and personalization to the forefront, and it’s not limited to clients with big budgets. We can align the right product and strategy based on individual goals. It all depends on what your appetite is. Creating a great site isn’t enough anymore—we need to learn and adapt faster than ever to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer. Testing will tell you how well you are doing that, and if you add in that extra layer of personalization, then you really see the magic happen.

One of the best parts about working on this type of project is the collaboration of the team. I have had the privilege of working with some great minds here at R2i, and I’m excited to see where we go next. In the meantime, I am enjoying the process of diving deeper into products like Marketo and Adobe Target, and seeing how they transform the user experience. 

  What makes R2i different from other digital agencies?
Previously I worked at an agency in Herndon, VA that specialized in the auto industry. It was great getting my feet wet in an industry I didn’t know much about, but I love how diverse the client base is at R2i. 

I would also say the people make the biggest difference here—we have so much talent under one roof, and everyone is very passionate about what they do. If you want to learn something new or need help with solving a problem, then you get to tap into the vast experience of the people around you. In the process, I have made some great friendships and learned from the best mentors.

  What inspires you about digital?
The digital space evolves so quickly that an expert one day could be a novice the next if you’re not vigilant. You have to constantly learn in order to stay on top of trends and be prepared to identify solutions for the different needs of clients and their audiences. Industries move at different speeds. This means you could be rolling out marketing automation for one client while supplementing a mail campaign with paid search for another. It’s all about what the organization and their audience are ready for—after all, it’s a two-way conversation now. This is an amazing concept for a field that used to be limited to a piece of paper in your mailbox.    

  Tell us about your professional philosophy.
I have a few different philosophies that play into my professional life:
    1) Always maintain the heart of a student. Accept now that you will never have all the answers. It’s so important to keep an open mind and look for opportunities to learn.
    2) You get out what you put in. I am a type-A perfectionist, so I have a constant drive to get things done right. Sometimes this means spending a little extra time, and that’s not a bad thing. As long as you are hitting deadlines and delivering work you’re proud of, then it’s worth the investment.
    3) The people policy. Always remember you are working with real people. Strive to be patient and kind because everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about. This is important for clients and co-workers alike. 

  What are you passionate about outside of the office?
My husband and I are very passionate about spending time with family. He is a Lieutenant in the Army National Guard, so coordinating schedules can be tough. We are fortunate to have almost everyone here on the East Coast, but we do travel to Mandan, ND from time-to-time to see relatives. We recently welcomed our first niece and nephew into the family, so we’ve been busy spoiling them rotten. 

I also really enjoy travel and good food. Fortunately, those two hobbies go hand-in-hand as some of the best eats have come from abroad. I also recently picked up hiking as a hobby. It can be really thrilling to find a great trail and climb to the peak for the view. This has been a big stress reliever of mine this year and who knows, maybe one day I will hike somewhere really cool like the Swiss Alps.  Looking back, I think I have been to more European countries than states in the U.S. 

  What piece of advice would you give to your childhood self?
If something isn’t right the first time, it’s not the end of the world. Accept the fact that you will mess up at some point, and that’s OK. You will learn from it, become a better person, and have something to pass along to others.

  Who is your hero and why?
I have a few people I look up to but one of them is my dad. He is the hardest worker I have ever known. Coming from a family that didn’t have much, he worked his way through middle school, high school, college, and dental school. Today, he owns his own practice and has always taught us the importance of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. That lesson led me to my first job when I was ten years old, pulling weeds as a member of the Landis Landscape business that was run by me and my three older siblings.  

  In a Hollywood movie about your life, what actor would you want to cast as yourself?

I cannot think of a single person who would play me in a movie. So, I am going to say Jennifer Aniston. Not because she is like me in any way, but she is quirky and chic at the same time, so maybe if she plays me in a movie, people will think I am that way too (ha!).

  Tell us about a major digital marketing trend that businesses should be paying attention to. Why is it important?
The days of blanket marketing are over—it’s all about personalization. We now collect more information than ever before and use it to unearth the pain points and interests of the individual.  Through this data, we can deliver targeted campaigns that speak to the consumer on a personal level and stand out above the noise. With this readily-available technology, if you aren’t using it, then likely a competitor is. 


About the author: Landis, Lauren

As an account manager at R2i, Lauren Landis is responsible for driving data driven results through comprehensive marketing initiatives to meet and exceed client goals. Lauren has 5+ years of experience in digital marketing solutions, team management, and execution of multi-channel campaigns. She is responsible for overall client and project health. Her goal is to strategically understand business goals and growth aligned to the current engagement and future endeavors. Lauren has worked across industries including higher education, manufacturing, energy, retail, and healthcare.

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