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Meet R2i: Brandon Heid, Quality Assurance Engineer

Tell us about your professional philosophy.

I just try to add as much value as I can. What’s cool about working at R2i, especially as a Quality Assurance Engineer, is that no two projects are the same. Every client has different needs and it’s important to be adaptable to those scenarios.

The QA team is in an interesting position because we act as a liaison between the product—websites, apps, portals, etc.— and all of the other project stakeholders. With that, there are a lot of tasks that we end up being responsible for, including conducting live site demonstrations or teaching our clients how to use the platform that it’s built on. There is a lot of room for us to add value.

If you could have a dream client, who would it be and why?

I really enjoy challenges, so for me it would be a lot of fun to work with a clothing or retail company on a web development project because there are so many components to consider.

For companies like Thrasher Magazine, branding is everything, and the site must be a vital extension of that brand. In addition to maintaining a consistent UX design, the site must also offer customers the ability to create accounts and buy merchandise in a way that drives engagement and repeat purchases. Balancing the e-commerce, user account, and all other capabilities while still maintaining the branding would be a great opportunity to flex our creativity and technical expertise.

What piece of advice would you give to your childhood self?

Invest in Bitcoin.

What is a major digital marketing trend that you think companies should be paying attention to? Why do you think this is?

Social media is a necessity for advertising products, especially Instagram. It seems like every month the platform releases updates fine tuning the ability for companies to rel="noopener noreferrer" show off their products. Nike leverages Instagram very well. In March 2016, Instagram gave users the ability to share minute long videos. Since then, Nike has regularly created and shared highlight reels of athletes wearing their products with their seventy-seven million followers. Instagram bolsters eight hundred million users world wide as of September 2017, and it does not seem to be going away any time soon.

Who is your hero and why?

Chance the Rapper. One of the first things Chance has done since rel="noopener noreferrer" finding his success is starting his own non-profit Social Works. Social Works has been helping Chicago public schools through grants and funds in underfunded neighborhoods. It’s apparent that Chance has a good heart and it’s awesome to see someone my age achieve so much and move so selflessly.

What is a recent project that you’ve really enjoyed working on?

Earlier this year we launched Atlantic Health System’s corporate website which was a great experience. This was a large-scale endeavor with many multi-faceted search capabilities, allowing users to easily navigate the site to find doctors and specialists, information on conditions and treatments, or locations to schedule appointments. I loved working on this project because of how much I learned while working on it—I feel as if at this point I could help improve pretty much any other website’s search functionality.

What are you passionate about outside of the office?

I love music and exploring. Anytime I get to go somewhere new is always great, whether that be a new local restaurant or an entirely new city. I am going to try and do a road trip across the US this summer hitting Chicago, Denver, and San Diego, among other cities.

What inspires you about digital?

How small it makes the world. Information and people have never been closer and to me that’s something that’s truly exciting. It’s as simple as that.

About the author: Eric Loy

As Content Marketing Manager, Eric helps develop R2i's content strategy with a focus on brand awareness and lead generation. He's passionate about storytelling and considers Dr. Seuss and Kanye to be geniuses in their own right. A good friend once told him, "success is making the people who believed in you look brilliant," a motto he hopes to one day soon embody. His life goal is to eliminate mumbling and buzzwords so people can get back to understanding one another.

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