Marketing Transformation is a Movement, Not a Trend

Tim Howell, Digital Marketing Strategist

The speed with which the customer is taking control of the buying journey is challenging marketing organizations’ status quo.

Marketing executives are responding to this in often reactive and disjointed ways, but almost always through the lens of “transformation.” Transformation continues to be both the biggest buzzword and the biggest trend that any industry will face right now, and it’s in large part because customers are demanding a more connected, continuous, transparent, and hyper-relevant experience with a brand. Transformation is also capturing our attention because many brands are now either finally catching up or are trying to leapfrog their competition digitally.

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About the author: Tim Howell

Tim Howell is a proud resident of Queens, where he sleeps when working on digital marketing strategy at R2integrated. He studied pop culture, creative writing, and cultural anthropology and folklore at Bowling Green State University after abandoning a critically-panned fine arts career. He has used that experience to provide strategic direction to small, medium, and large brands for seven years. Tim has been published on or featured in articles for the Direct Marketing Association of Washington and AdWeek, and regularly writes about hashtags and mobile apps on LinkedIn.

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