Marketers Lets Talk Snapchat

Lynn Morton, Strategy Director

In a recent interview with AdWeek, R2i's Strategy Director, Lynn Morton, and Digital Marketing Strategist, Tim Howell, discuss the emergence of Snapchat as social media's newest darling and how marketers are shifting toward "more intimate forms of digital communication" to reach consumers--especially the coveted 13-34 age demographic.

In the interview, Morton notes "Snapchat has a huge userbase. The platform tends to skew toward Millennials and Gen Z area, so if those are the people you’re trying to reach and trying to get them to embrace and tell your brand’s story, then it can definitely be a very powerful platform."

Click here to read the full article on AdWeek Social Times.

Lynn Morton

About the author: Lynn Morton

As Strategy Director, Lynn has a passion for strategic thinking and problem solving. She helps clients tackle their biggest challenges and make moments of connection with their target audiences. Originally a theatre maker, she brings that talent for storytelling to each of her clients, asking them – what story do we need to tell to make an impact?

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