Who’s ‘Following’ You on Facebook?

Facebook never fails to constantly update its features. This time, Facebook has introduced the new Open Graph Follow action. Open Graph Follow allows users to follow certain actions on various Facebook applications. Users will now be able to get updates and notifications of actions in their News Feed, without having to subscribe or be friends with the user.

For instance, users can choose to follow and get notified when another user posts a photo to Instagram or when their favorite restaurant critic updates a food review – without seeing all the various other updates from that person.  Users get to pick what they want to see.


You might be wondering what the difference is between follow action and starring your friends? Well the first big difference is with Open Graph Follow, you don’t have to be friends to follow another user’s actions. Also, a user can pick and choose what they are updated on, as well as privatizing their own actions. Facebook users are able to control who sees what they publish through privacy settings of the application.

What are your thoughts on the new follow action? Have you used Open Graph Follow?

About the Author: Samantha DeVita

Samantha DeVita
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