The Social Decision Maker & The Path to Digital Integration

“Marketers have always been able to target people, but never in the course of human history has there been such a networked eco-system of peer-to-peer decision making behavior that is actually driving what we buy. So now what?”

As the exclusive Learning Partner for AMA DC and AMA Baltimore, Matt kicked off social media month talking to the region's leading marketing professionals about the fundamental shift that has occurred in the purchasing behavior of consumers. Marketers clearly recognize the enormous growth in the amount of social interactions that occur online every day. But the real story effecting marketers isn't how much growth there has been, rather how these social interactions have changed the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Click here to view the presentation.

Now, consumer buying decisions are highly influenced by information obtained in their peer-to-peer networks. Think about it…when was the last time you trusted the opinion of a brand, versus your own friends and family? These online communities, with their inherent trust and loyalty networks, are sitting side-by-side with search, and fundamentally changing the way consumers take in information and choose which products to buy.

Matt refers to this new world as the "conversation layer," where advice seeking and giving behavior happens faster than brands can react. Matt discussed the critical need for marketers to continually monitor, identify and activate the communities that matter most to your brand.

Key Takeaways:
  • Decision making is and will always be core
  • Decision making now happens in the "Conversation Layer" - the people, places, and content that matter most to your brand
  • In order to properly align your social strategy and organization, you have to understand and map the conversation layer accordingly
  • This understanding allows you to create truly integrated and optimized digital marketing campaigns that activate influencers in all marketing channels effectively

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