Google Introduces Webmaster Academy

Samantha DeVita, Contributor


Those of you who follow my blog posts know I have a glorious love/hate relationship with Google, but I will say I was happy to see the “Big G” finally realized the arsenal of content and information in Webmaster Central is a bit overwhelming for the end user...especially those beginner-level users who are new to getting started with a website.

Google recently introduced a new set of educational materials in a program called Webmaster Academy. In keeping with the schooling theme, Webmaster Academy is design and organized into a curriculum-style format, wherein beginner webmasters can easily navigate their way through digestible chucks of structured content.

So what does this mean for you? You can now do a deep-dive into a topic you are interested in, and then you can drill-down and find more in-depth articles as you move through your “lessons.” What is even more encouraging is that a vast majority of the “lessons” have an accompanying video on the Webmaster Central YouTube Channel. So no matter what your preferred learning style- they’ve got you covered.

In their words “Webmaster Academy provides practical and easy-to-understand lessons for beginner webmasters to help you improve your site with topics like getting your site in our index, providing search engines with helpful information about your video and image content, and understanding Webmaster Tools features.”

Exciting! I know… #nerdalert. Have you checked it out? What are your thoughts? Catch me here or @saminj58.

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