Google Analytics: In-Page Analytics Report: Tricky, Finicky, and Not All That Useful

The In-Page Analytics report is filled with good intentions; however, in its execution, I find that this report is actually not all that useful when understanding your site’s visitor behavior.

  1. The report can be somewhat helpful… when it works. In many instances and across a variety of clients I find that report only loads partial information. For example, there will be page data, but no bubbles that indicate the number of clicks through each link. This finicky behavior makes the report unreliable and I am hesitant to even use it.

  2. Even when the report is functioning properly, the data can be tricky to understand. Each of the bubbles that appear is based all clicks to that destination link through that page – not that specific location. For example, if you have campaign banner that sends to a location that can be found through your navigation menu, the same percentage will appear in each location. The report does not differentiate between the locations of each click which skews the percentage bubbles you see.
Between the unreliability of the report and the skewed data, this report is tricky, finicky, therefore, not all that useful.

About the Author: Arden Kaley

Arden Kaley
Arden joined R2i in January 2011 and quickly became nicknamed the “Digital Marketing Utility Player” for executing marketing campaigns across all channels. The common thread was analytics which awakened her inner data nerd - leading to her current role as Digital Marketing Analyst. With a passion to make boring, raw data beautiful, Arden integrates technical data capture with creative storytelling to create easy to read dashboards.

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