COVID-19 Marketing Resources and Data for Marketers, PLUS Credit Opportunities for Small Businesses

Amy White, Sr. Media Planner, R2integrated

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting hard in the states, many of us in the marketing industry are rapidly shifting strategies, media budgets, and messaging to ensure we are keeping our clients and their consumers at ease. While some of our clients take our recommendations with grace, there are more trying circumstances and variables that are out of our control. It’s times like these that can make us feel helpless, with nowhere to turn. At R2i, we’re here to help you down this challenging path with a guide to all things marketing resource related, specific to the assistance offered during the corona virus outbreak. 

See the guide below for collective marketing resources. Stay tuned, as we will be updating this during the ever-changing environment to include the latest and greatest additions. 


- Google announced that they will be offering small and mid-size businesses ad credits within their Google Ads accounts over the next few months. The pledge amount totals $340 million and will be offered to existing advertisers only. There is no word on the credit amount per each advertiser, but these credits will automatically appear in the account and will expire. The credits can only be used in 2020 and will not be available for use in 2021. Credits will be available for use across the Google Ads platform, which includes Search, Display, and YouTube. For more information, please check the Google Support page.

- Facebook is creating a $100 million grant program to assist small businesses including both ad credits and cash grants that can be spent on operational costs like employee salaries and paying rent. This will be available to up to 30K businesses in 30-plus countries where Facebook operates. Businesses must apply for these grants once Facebook starts accepting applications in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can sign up for updates on the program.

- Adzooma is offering free access to their marketing platform to agencies, small businesses and anyone else who is leveraging Google, Microsoft, or Facebook to promote their business or services through at least June 1st. The benefits? Time and cost efficiencies via a proprietary opportunity engine, rule-based automations, custom reporting, account management, and pre-built reports. Find out more details and sign-up for the platform here.

- Captify has recently launched their Trends Desk to help marketers understand real-time consumer behavior and how it’s impacted in light of Coronavirus. Brands, agencies, and publishers can fill out a quick form to request custom insights that answer the challenges they’re facing.

- Can’t get enough data? E-Marketer is leading the industry in supplying the latest trends as it relates to marketing trends during the pandemic. Here you can find anything from how the virus is changing the Facebook and Google Duopoly to the impact on ad spending in China.

Resource Hubs:
- Not only is Facebook providing a grant program, they’ve collected the industry’s best practices all in this comprehensive business resource hub. If you need more information around workplace tools for remote workers, or even a quick action guide for developing emergency response plans, then this is your go-to.

- LinkedIn has joined the bandwagon on creating a one-stop-shop for the latest Coronavirus trends, including reports on economic impact. They’re key categories focus on staying informed, connected, and productive to move your businesses forward.

- Twitter has seen millions of Tweets and Retweets about the virus around the globe and #coronavirus is now the second most used hashtag of 2020. With this slew of information, we can trust Twitter to play an important role in crisis communication by guiding us on what’s appropriate for our brands right now.

About the author: Amy White

Amy brings over 5 years of paid media experience to the R2i team. As a Sr. Media Planner, she manages end-to-end digital media campaigns through research and analysis, campaign strategy, ROI optimization, and A/B testing to continually uncover optimization levers and improve performance. Amy works across a variety of industries including healthcare and tech while remaining affluent in her passions of all things related to brand safety and ad tech.

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