Join Our Webinar! COVID-19: With All the Challenges for Healthcare, Many Opportunities for Digital Connections Abound

While all industries feel the impact of COVID-19, none more than healthcare. Instead of coming to a halt, providers are busier than ever treating patients with the coronavirus. At the same time, many day-to-day patient interactions and procedures have been postponed. When the stay-at-home mandates hit the U.S. in March, non-Coronavirus patient interactions started taking place online, and many trends emerged. 

In our upcoming webinar, we'll take a deep dive into the below data we pulled from various research:

  Total internet usage has surged 50-70%
  Browsing is up 53% on Facebook, 32% on Instagram, and 23% on Twitter 
  Searches for <telehealth> and <telemedicine> increased 920%
  51% of American’s are avoiding medical centers/hospitals
  64% are more likely to use telehealth services
  69% want providers to offer virtual visits after the crisis ends

Yet, telehealth services have struggled—with utilization below 10%. This is largely due to low consumer awareness.

An Opportunity to Support Local Communities
With trends like these, the pandemic presents opportunities for healthcare organizations to support local communities as many patients actively seek COVID-19 related news and content online. Healthcare systems can respond by becoming a resource. 

For instance, organizations can aggregate the most important and relevant information and updates from legitimate third-party sources while also leveraging internal experts for locally-focused content. This will help patient populations sift through the flood of news and avoid being distracted by inaccurate information.

As patients avoid medical centers and hospitals, healthcare systems can still provide care by using telehealth services. They can also use digital channels like email and social media to provide updates to patients who may have postponed procedures or held off coming to the office for care that’s not related to COVID-19.

An Opportunity to Strengthen Your Brand
There are also opportunities to strengthen your brand. As an example, with the shortage of medical supplies, there has been a spike in donations from large manufacturers and notable public figures. Proactively providing information to people and organizations actively looking to help with information on what healthcare systems can accept, what is needed, and how to donate can alleviate confusion and streamline community efforts.

The public also recognizes the incredible efforts made by healthcare providers on the front lines of this crisis.  Sharing stories of hope that highlight the heroic efforts of the medical staff will strengthen an organization’s brand story and connect patients to the organization’s values and mission.

In addition to communicating COVID updates and protocols, you can also update your technology to support telehealth and other digital care services. Perhaps analyze forecasts to strategize for the return to the “new normal” and create new approaches to your communication channels and messaging that align to the times.

Tips to Help You Prepare for Today and Tomorrow
To help your organization leverage digital technologies to connect with patients and streamline care delivery, R2i is hosting a webinar that provides marketing tips during a time of crisis like COVID-19. The webinar also outlines the digital resources you can turn to for patient outreach and support, delivering up-to-date information to your audiences, and promoting the rollout of telehealth/virtual visits. You can also learn about opportunities to build stronger connections with your patient population through support campaigns, employee spotlights, and COVID planning.  

Another key aspect of the webinar is helping your patients prepare for changing COVID phases. This is important too—the issues that you and your patients will contend with tomorrow could be vastly different than what you deal with today. 

Register for our upcoming COVID-19 Webinar Response Series: Pivoting Healthcare Marketing Strategies Amidst an Evolving Industry Climate today!

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