Unleash ABM Results with the Power Funnel

B2B marketers are in a revenue pressure cooker. With rising competition and heightened customer expectations, the need is clear for precision tools that both sales and marketing teams can use to deliver more efficiently. It’s why account-based marketing (ABM) is becoming today’s marketing must-have strategy—as long as it’s done right.

Accelerated pipelines with higher close rates, bigger wins and increased organizational alignment—what’s not to love? The challenge occurs when ABM’s revenue flow doesn’t turn out to be quite as swift and strong as expected. In this white paper, we discuss how a solid ABM strategy needs a carefully planned, data-driven, Marketing and Sales collaboration to arrive at that powerfully relevant one-to-one conversation. We’ve refined this process for ABM optimization, aptly called The Power Funnel. And it’s a B2B force to be reckoned with.

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