Marketing Automation: Selecting the Best Fit for Your Organization

Today’s marketers realize delivering personalized, connected experiences is no longer an option. They face the challenge of meeting prospects where they are in their buying journey—with the right information at the right time. Marketers must also deliver convenient, always-on tailored messaging through the channels their prospects prefer or risk losing them to the competition. 

However, working in siloed marketing technologies results in haphazard journeys, manual processes, and cumbersome reporting. Disjointed teams suffer from inefficiencies and poor communication. Marketers need the appropriate tool that can effectively leverage customer data across channels and streamline their campaign time-to-market. In this white paper, we reveal how Marketing Automation is a critical component in your larger customer experience ecosystem. It enables your team to build and run 1-to-1 personalized campaigns across channels, prove marketing’s contribution to the bottom line, and better align marketing and sales-driven initiatives.

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