Accelerating Digital Maturity in the FiServ Industry

Financial services institutions no longer hold the power to define innovation. It’s now in the hands of customers who know what they want from their banks, investment firms and insurance providers. Meeting this demand is paramount to building and maintaining market share. It all comes down to what financial institutions know about their audiences and how best to serve their needs. The industry thus faces a major challenge: Execute digital transformation initiatives to innovate customer services and to drive marketing strategies that connect with prospects in the retail, commercial and institutional markets. 

To help financial services firms find new ways to innovate their internal processes and customer services so that more transactions can take place virtually, this white paper examines the components of Digital Maturity and how to assess the current maturity of your business. Completing a Digital Maturity assessment will give you a baseline understanding of where your company currently stands, and what it will take to get to the point where you can deploy innovative services that sync with the demands of your customers.

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