Transforming Customer Experiences When Business Conditions Suddenly Change

The COVID pandemic changed how consumers want to conduct business—it’s now a faster-pace, virtual, customer-centric time for marketing teams. That makes digital engagement a business-critical objective as opposed to a nice-to-have feature.

Customer experiences and customer communications have evolved into high corporate priorities. In the effort to drive customer experiences and communications, early adopters that embraced content agility and distributed workflows before the pandemic hit were the fortunate ones. The world was forced to adjust to a new normal, and companies suddenly fast-tracked their migration to cloud environments and virtual private networks to enable remote working for smoother running operations. Forward-thinking organizations realize the effort to digitally transform to improve customer experiences is not a destination; it’s a journey that must continuously evolve. Marketing teams continue to face cost reduction, efficiency and agility challenges. In this white paper, we examine those challenges and how Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and R2i expertise can help you overcome them.

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