On-Demand Fireside Chat with Forrester & R2i: Digital Foundations – A Critical Element in Building Immersive Customer Experiences

On August 18th, 2021, Senior Director of Solutions of R2integrated, David Hegarty engaged with Industry Analyst of Forrester, Nigel Fenwick, former CMO of a world-renowned tech company and CIO for Reebok UK, through a live fireside chat discussing  
Digital Foundations – A Critical Element in Building Immersive Customer Experiences.  
  Firms are now recognizing digital business transformation is no longer an option but is rather paramount to the future success of a business. Thus, bringing much attention detail in what firms are doing today to adopt this into their business. Fenwick describes that for the first time, businesses have rated “accelerating the shift to digital business” as their most critical priority, placing it higher than former priorities such as growing revenue and reducing costs. When we assess what firms are doing to achieve this transformation, the answer is different between those less digitally mature and those more mature. For instance, the less mature begin by improving their CX strategy as they see it as most important. However, those more mature focus on accelerating how to create and build value for their customers through the optimization and value realization of technology.. David and Nigel take a deep dive into the state of digitally maturity and how this drives the digital transformation curve.    
The two experts further explored the below trending topics:
  • What are firms doing today to adopt and accelerate their digital transformation?
  • Do people underestimate the digital maturity journey? How does Forrester approach organizations that view themselves as advanced, although they fall more in the scope of a beginner?
  • How are those more digitally advanced using it to their advantage?
  • How has the pandemic effected the idea of transformation and investment?
  • Does the digital ecosystem come into play?
  • What is Forrester observing as existing business models are using technology more effectively to drive engagement, both traditional and modern?
  • How can you translate perceived value?
  • Technology is being leveraged to disrupt both organizational thinking and the idea of customer outcomes. What does this mean for future transformation?
  • Dive into the idea of co-Innovation and how the pandemic shift has changed technology and business.
  Due to the impact of the pandemic, we saw a big difference between low versus high maturity companies. Fenwick stated that companies that tended to be more mature were already well-invested and been on this journey for quite awhile. This enabled the space to double down on existing investments needed to accelerate further. By contrast, less mature firms were more likely to hold, freeze budgets or even reduce budgets, ultimately halting any future improvement or growth. There are many efforts that successfully help to modernize a business: IT, operational, CX, sales, and decision transformation. What is crucial, is unifying these transformations across the organization, as they must integrate and be supportive of each other to be effective.    
Click here to watch the full Fireside Chat to hear how having a tactical approach to building your comprehensive digital foundation and ecosystem will help your team accelerate into the future.

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