Getting Started with Testing and Personalization

Customers have grown to expect brands to deliver a tailored, personalized experience.  It is a process to guide users through this maturation journey from a 1:ALL content and messaging approach - to a 1:1 experience that is developed strategically over time. With the right approach, you should be able to identify the most impactful content and utilize that content effectively in the 1:1 experience to achieve measurable results.    
Using a metrics-driven approach focuses on ROI - and statistically assessing results ensures the best path forward and allows for clear measurement against performance goals. Testing guarantees positive changes. These optimizations produce large-scale and measurable results. These results directly translate into business growth (aka revenue!).      
Why A/B test?  
If you’re not sure if A/B testing is right for you, consider some of our key points below to see if there are any potential benefits to your organization.
Nearly eliminates the guessing game of what works due to the precise control capabilities of testing features and low risk modifications
Straightforward approach to show ROI and increased conversion for any decisions to update the product/company
Make more out of the current traffic without paying for new/more traffic
Once setup, iterations of testing can be always ongoing to build a culture of always optimizing and the associated business benefits
Gives a history of what customers want and helps solve customer pain points      
  Wondering if you’re ready for testing OR graduated to personalization? Check out this blog post to explore the difference between the two.    
Benefits and Results
Implementing a personalization strategy is worth the investment due to its positive correlation with both business growth and customer relationships.  
CMO by Adobe: 
Key Elements to Foster a Culture of Optimization  
If you need some additional tools in your toolbelt to make sure everyone is on board, the following outlines how to prepare for the most successful launch of testing at your organization.    
Executive buy-in 
Outline the benefits and KPIs to be measured, assign dollar values and estimates of return or lift to set positive expectations of clear success measurement
Communicate the importance of a testing program from ALL aspects, including tests that are not winners to illustrate what “good” outcomes from testing are and the overall goals of the program
Sharing this approach helps avoid negative feedback when all tests are not “winners” – the ultimate goal is to learn… learning what doesn’t work well is also valuable!    
Quick wins

Start with tests that have a likelihood of high lift to show the impact testing can have
Low conversion + high traffic areas are a great place to start    
Cross department involvement

Create an online submission form anyone in the organization can fill out to propose a test idea
Have a meeting or forum where everyone can see the test scoring/priorities and roadmap
Share results across the organization and especially with the test idea submitter
Setup a Center of Excellence for feedback and optimizations on the testing program  
Results Research Hub
Make easy shared access for major test findings so they can be used by anyone as data proven optimizations 
Incorporate findings and reference the hub often in meetings to build on the testing takeaways and continue to foster a testing culture by showing value of the results 
Testing and personalization will go over best with organizational buy-in combined with a well thought out testing program and management system. The benefits are easy to prove because its so data driven, and its an easy way to make measurable impacts to the bottom line.
R2i is here to help start you on your journey to delivering an even better experience to your audience without guessing games nor a full site relaunch. Let us help you today!

About the author: Andrea Goldstein

Andrea is a Senior Analyst and the trailblazer for our R2i presence in Los Angeles, CA. She began her career executing campaigns and producing content across multiple online and offline channels on both the client and agency side. She identifies data as the common thread and truly fell in love with analytics after witnessing the magical power of data and visualization. Testing and personalization were a natural next step, data driven strategy is the key to her success. With a passion to make raw data beautiful and drive digital ROI for her clients, Andrea integrates cross-channel data to create customized and easy-to-read interactive dashboards. She is most interested in helping clients answer their toughest business questions by reimagining the data to reveal trends, identify areas of optimization, and forecast performance - striving for the ultimate “wow” impact.

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