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In an ever-evolving landscape made up of innovative start-ups and powerful brands, customer experience (CX) has become the final differentiator that high tech companies are looking to capture. A recent Forbes Insights Report shows just how valuable CX has become — 74% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service based on experience alone.

Read on to learn about some of the most promising innovations B2B teams should explore across their digital marketing efforts.    
Transforming CX through technology
A growing proportion of high-tech companies are investing in CX, which increasingly includes digital transformation, according to Adobe. 

When asked which customer-focused trend they are most excited about, 28% of B2B marketers expressed interest in exploring the use of internet-enabled devices, including wearables and other technology with audience tracking capabilities.

As of today, the most common uses of wearables by customers are connected to more traditional commercial touchpoints. However, the largest growth margin in the near future is expected to stem from cutting-edge uses that can take personalization a step further, such as using location-sensing to push recommendations to consumers in real-time, explains Research and Markets. Moving forward, it's likely that wearables will increasingly be leveraged to access customer data and view business analytics for actionable insights across the customer lifecycle.

The second most popular trend Adobe found among B2B marketers was the utilization of artificial intelligence-enabled bots to drive campaigns and hyper-personalized customer interactions. The capabilities of chatbots are rapidly growing more advanced, meaning that the software can be used to mimic human behavior, providing one-on-one support whenever  — and wherever — needed. As omnichannel experiences become less of a nice-to-have capability and more of an expectation across both B2C and B2B customers, AI bots will prove essential. 

While some may consider virtual and augmented reality to be in their infancy, Adobe found that technologies were the third most popular among B2B marketers, likely due to the vast uncharted opportunities both have to offer. From providing more engaging market experiences, streamlining the entire sales processes and improving buyer confidence, both have proven their benefits outside of their “cool factor” and are emerging as leading forces within the high tech industry.

As CX continues to drive digital transformation efforts across the high tech industry, B2B marketers are increasingly exploring new and emerging opportunities to use technology to differentiate themselves.

Working to enhance your brand’s CX 
Ask yourself: What is your team doing as of today to deliver a differentiated customer experience?

By innovating your processes and placing the needs of your buyers at the center of your strategy, you'll be able to stand out from the competition and deliver an experience that engages prospects and creates long-standing relationships. Although wearables, AI-enabled bots and VR and/or AR are some of the leading trends for B2B marketers in the high- tech space, there is no limit when it comes to the opportunities your organization has to improve CX. 

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