How to Build Patient Awareness

In today’s hyper-competitive healthcare landscape, traditional advertising can only go so far.

As the Journal of Medicine and Life explains, an effective approach to marketing in healthcare calls for an in-depth understanding of patients' wants while also uncovering the needs they've yet to identify and ultimately offering services and products that align with both. Over the past year, the industry has experienced several trends that have fundamentally changed the way patients and care providers interact, including a more personalized approach, an emphasis on creating a long-lasting relationship and a heightened focus on technology. 

By leveraging new technologies to improve marketing and better connect with patients, healthcare companies can foster greater brand awareness within their target market while also creating the best care experience possible for patients.

Creating a patient persona 
Behind every great marketing campaign is an even greater strategy. When was the last time your team took a thorough look at your current outreach program? To create the right message and deliver it to the right patient at the best time, you’ll need to determine exactly who that patient is.

A patient persona represents everything you know about your standard patients, including any of the traits, needs and motivations of an individual within your target market. For each service or product you offer, you should be able to answer:

● Who are you hoping to talk to?
● Why will they care about what you’re offering?
● What piece of your message matters most to them?

By leveraging patient personas, you’ll be able to create more personalized outreach efforts for every individual patient  —  something that 90% of U.S. adults look for in companies when doing business, says Statista. 

Strengthening your online presence 
Once you have your patient personas and your overall strategy down, you can begin to refine your online presence to better reflect the needs and interests of your target market.

Many professionals think pay-per-click, or PPC, ads are enough to get them the patients they’re looking for. However, as Search Engine Journal puts it, using PPC is like putting an adhesive bandage on your problem — it’ll only work as a short-term solution.

As Deloitte recently found, 1 out of 5 adults use ad blockers when surfing the web. This means healthcare companies will need to go beyond traditional advertising, leveraging inbound techniques such as organic content to attract and engage potential patients. 

Patient personas will help guide you in finding the right keywords and topics to hit across your websites and blogs. Over time, you’ll begin to further refine your strategy and generate additional word-of-mouth marketing and referrals through your content.

Working with a partner to maximize patient awareness
At R2i, we understand the needs of the "always on" consumer and work with healthcare organizations to create an approach that builds trust between providers, caregivers, patients and physicians. 

Together, we'll leverage the right technology to build awareness and create the meaningful interactions that are needed to boost acquisition, engagement and revenue. 

Learn more about our healthcare services or contact our team today to get started.

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