W.R. GRACE - Measuring and Influencing Customer Journeys Through Analytics

CTO of R2integrated Michael Page led R2i Platinum Sponsor Session at Adobe Summit with client Tony Martin, Director of Marketing, at W.R. Grace & Co. Paige and Martin hosted an engaging fireside chat and deep dive into how GRACE is Measuring & Influencing Customer Journeys Through Analytics.  

For 15 years, Martin has held various roles within the global chemical sector. Spanning the previous decade, he has been instrumental in building digital foundations to help B2B companies grow. In partnership with R2i, Martin has launched nearly a dozen websites on Adobe Experience Manager and prides himself on working to power each organization he leads with a “test and learn” mindset and culture. 

What aspects drove GRACE’s website redesign come to light?
While significant business leads were deriving from the website, Martin stated, “Although he and his team could ascertain leads were driven from their CRM, they were unable to accurately depict exactly where or what pages were converting, much less their visitor engagement trends. Therefore, it was up to Martin and team to leverage audit information to further harness the power of their website. It was a quick conclusion of the need to solicit a third-party to execute a strategic redesign of the GRACE website.

What was GRACE’s vision for re-launch and where is it headed?
Martin’s goal and vision was to help GRACE align basic rights with their website. With a diverse set of stakeholders visiting their site, from job seekers to investors in an array of industries, GRACE sought to develop baseline data surrounding each individual user experience. More specifically, Martin and team aimed to analyze what stakeholders were experiencing on the GRACE site, and use that data to scale more targeted and relevant content, based on newly acquired analytics. 

How far is GRACE going with their website?
Martin and team have conducted a wide array of testing across their website instance in order to further structure prioritization and next steps to take. Amping up personalization strategies by offering responsive engagements with coding, triggering subsequent visits with relevant imagery, and elevating the website and experience to a highly personalized level builds the optimal experience for each visitor to wrgrace.com

How will GRACE meet the need for continuous content given their new strategy?
Martin emphasizes the importance of keeping website content refreshed and up to speed in order to provide each visitor with a personalized experience. Through proper tagging strategies and correctly aligning data on the back end, GRACE is armed and prepared with the insights needed to properly drive future investments and direction as it relates in their content library. 

To hear the full fireside chat and details surrounding ‘Measuring & Influencing the Customer Journey Through Analytics,’ with Paige and Martin, click the link here:

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