RSM - Rapid Adoption to Meet Customer Experience Demands

Did you miss us at Adobe Summit? Don’t miss R2integrated’s client success highlight video featuring RSM US LLP’s Rapid Adoption to Meet Customer Experience Demands. R2i spoke with Barba Casulli, Head Marketing at RSM US LLP to discuss how the future of client and relationship transactions are being driven by consumers' eager desire for tailored services. In order to reach broader markets and maintain a highly loyal base, RSM shares how companies must deliver rapidly, while continuing to evolve existing tools and processes by leveraging emerging technologies. 


Who is RSM? 

RSM is one of the leading providers of audit tax and consulting services in the United States, and in particular locations around the world. RSM touts the tagline of, “the power of being understood,” as they dedicate time to not only ask their customers questions, but also see what matters most to their diverse customer portfolio. With this is mind, RSM chose R2i to gain industry insights, knowledge and expertise for leading lead them on their journey of digital transformation.  

What challenges did RSM face that led them to R2i? 

Before RSM approached R2i, they faced multiple challenges. Casulli stated how 15 months prior, the organization pursued a mission to “unify processes, technology solutions, and skillset in support of demand generation and audience engagement goals.” However, it was soon realized that their strategy possessed gaps, as they were not maximizing their full potential in relation to their technology. Specifically, the connect between RSM’s content strategy to buyer journeys and relationships to respective technologies were not as strong and dynamic as it needed to be. This recognition allowed recognition of even more importance of insights as they relate to their clients, their unique needs and ever-changing buying interactions.  

In all, RSM needed a digital roadmap that could be used to set actionable tactics leading back to their initiatives, enabling a continuous path towards future growth and success.  


What led RSM to choosing R2i? 

RSM spent time with R2i when the organization initially needed to migrate their AEM platform to the cloud. Through great conversations and past engagements, RSM deemed R2i as the firm for them. Casulli recognized R2i as the best partner suited to develop long-term plans in order to advance their digital technology, marketing maturity and support optimization of their martech investments.  


End goal 

R2integrated and RSM discussed the ultimate end goal of elevating their “north star.” In order to focus on personalization and future enhancements, focus on the 360-degree view of their customers was paramount. Accomplishing more data-driven decisioning will help RSM to optimize digital channel investment, strategy, and messaging. RSM is on a mission to make it easier for both existing and prospective clients to journey through the funnel, as they seek answers that are of utmost importance to them.  


How does RSM see their strategic vision playing out in partnership with R2i and Adobe? 

R2i asked Casulli, “How does RSM see their strategic vision playing out in partnership with R2i and Adobe?” Casulli stated R2i has been “instrumental” to their success due to R2i’s providing side-by-side leadership in guiding them through every step of the journey. She added, “R2i not only helps us with our decisioning, but is essential when it comes to providing new perspectives, challenging mindsets, and guiding us in ways that help to reduce risk.” 

Regarding Adobe, Casulli revealed that Adobe has been great when it comes to, “providing an incredibly strong digital foundation with AEM analytics.” Moreover, this is not where it ends. The deeper RSM dives into their rapid adoption, the more tools within the Adobe Marketing Cloud will become even more relevant.  

Data will always be a high priority for RSM and R2i, in partnership with Adobe, will continue to help them realize their vision of having a data-rich and fully integrated set of marketing tools needed to be successful.  

To hear all the details Director of Marketing Barbara Casulli at RSM shared during R2i’s customer success highlight at Adobe Summit, watch the full video here.

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