Meet R2i: Carter Hallett, Director of Strategy

Carter Hallett started working for R2i in 2015 out of our Baltimore office. After spending 10 years working in New York in integrated marketing and technology roles, she began her career here as a Digital Marketing Strategist and has grown to now lead the Strategy team as the Director of Strategy. Carter is responsible for working on some of our most complex client engagements, supporting our new business pipeline, and managing and mentoring the Strategy team. Carter recently took some time to tell us what it’s like to work at R2i and her personal interests:
Who are some of your clients? 
My current clients include Pentair, RSM Global, and Ascensia Diabetes Care. I have also worked on Hershey, MIT, Ingram Micro, Perdue, Stanley Black & Decker, and many more.
What is a recent project that you’ve really enjoyed working on? 
We began working with RSM Global in 2020 while navigating remote work and other disruptors. Despite never meeting in person, we have developed a strong relationship with the RSM client team and have partnered with them to support their digital transformation from a strategic as well as tactical perspective.  
I really enjoyed working on the project as the R2i team was challenged to work collaboratively across the organization to develop a strategic roadmap—outlining the vision and specific steps to reach the client’s goals. It’s a great example of R2i’s value proposition: combining data, insights, and technology to build performance-driven digital experiences.
What makes R2i different from other digital agencies? 

R2i’s specialties in creating impactful digital experiences, accelerating demand generation, and applying deep technology expertise enable us to focus on the entire customer experience. We work with our clients to create solutions that fit their needs, and those client relationships can scale and grow as our clients do. Plus, we’re really fun to work with! I genuinely enjoy working with my colleagues, who impress me daily with their knowledge.

What inspires you about digital? 
Digital inspires me because it’s always changing. Our industry is constantly in flux, which is exciting and energizing. It challenges us to keep learning and keep innovating in support of our clients. It’s never boring!
Tell us about your professional philosophy. 

My professional philosophy is to be open and embrace change. Due to the nature of our industry plus the disruption of 2020, we never know what’s around the corner. This used to be something I really struggled with—I wanted to have all the answers. Now I know that real growth happens during times of uncertainty, and it’s important that we adopt that mindset for ourselves and our clients.
If you could have a dream client, who would it be and why? 

My ideal clients see their agency relationship as a true partnership with open and honest communication. It’s my job to work with the client to understand and sometimes challenge the strategic foundation of our work together: the business goals and vision, the target audiences and their journeys, and the competitive landscape. Then, together, we define a plan to reach those business goals.
What are you passionate about outside of the office? 
I am creative by nature and love learning new skills. I’ve spent my COVID-19 quarantine time doing a lot of cooking at home and teaching myself new hobbies—including furniture refinishing, needlepoint, and improving my guitar skills.
What piece of advice would you give to your childhood self? 
Slow down, there’s no rush to grow up! Be exactly who you are. Your imagination and creativity are skills that will serve you in the future and it’s more important to be authentic than to fit in.

In a Hollywood movie about your life, what actor would you want to cast as yourself? 
The best actress of all time hands-down is Meryl Streep; this is a proven fact. Plus, we are from the same hometown! Even though we don’t look alike, she can play any role she put her mind to.
Tell us about a major digital marketing trend that businesses should be paying attention to and why it’s important. 
Looking ahead through 2021, the biggest trend we are seeing is that the digital and virtual shifts of 2020 are here to stay. Businesses across industries had to quickly shift, including remote work, virtual events, and digital experiences. Brands also were called to live their values and take a stand on social and political issues like never before. We learned that these changes often led to more efficiency for marketing organizations, and more accessibility and engagement for customers. We are working with our clients to reflect on the impact of 2020 and bring those learnings into their future planning as we stabilize and prepare for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Carter Hallett

About the author: Carter Hallett

As a strategy leader at R2i, Carter brings 14+ years of experience and a well-rounded background in overseeing both traditional and digital marketing strategies. She oversees R2i’s team of strategists and works with both B2B and B2C clients to develop deep strategic foundations, solve their business challenges, and create immersive and meaningful interactions, with a focus on creative storytelling, 360-degree customer experience, demand generation, and measurable results. Carter believes in the value of quantitative and qualitative research, to understand the experience of customers, determine their decision making processes, validate hypotheses, and develop strategic plans. She has received Addy, Davey, and W3 Awards for her work. Previous clients include: MIT, Microsoft, Ingram Micro, Hershey, Perdue, Stanley Black & Decker, Pentair, OneMain Financial, United Way, among others.

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