Global Manufacturing Company Increases Rebate Campaign Conversions by 30%

For companies that run consumer-facing, national marketing campaigns, the biggest challenges are often reducing wasteful activities and identifying which geographies to target. Solve both and you maximize the ROI of your marketing spend.

One of our clients who successfully took on these challenges is Pentair, which delivers sustainable water supply and water quality solutions to residential and commercial customers around the world. As was the case in most industries, Pentair saw the shift in consumer behaviors due to COVID-19. That’s when they came to R2i to help launch creative and efficient growth strategies for its 2020 marketing programs.

Improving Conversion Rates Without Increasing the Budget
Pentair set a goal to increase pool rebates in the U.S. by 20% over 2019 by expanding the product variety of their media campaign. And they asked us to help find a way without increasing the overall marketing budget.

We helped Pentair achieve these goals in a two-phased solution. First, we examined geographic trends to gain insights into rebate data. We found 74% of rebate conversions stemmed from 49% of the U.S. This narrowed down where to focus media spend and helped cut out waste in areas where conversion rates were low.

The image above shows the geographic tiers of Pentair’s rebate conversion program, with Tier 1 representing the states in the U.S. with the highest conversion rates. In the next phase, Pentair leveraged paid search, paid social, display advertising, and YouTube videos—
along with pop-up email subscription forms to drive awareness and engage prospects. To tell the Pentair story, the assets used images that abided by social distancing guidelines, which showed empathy with the challenges that prospects faced dealing with COVID.

Going Beyond the Target Goal
As a result of our collaborative effort, Pentair exceeded the initial rebate goal by 10%, coming in with 30% more rebates than the previous year. Along the way, they achieved additional impressive results compared to 2019:

•  55% increase in social click-through rates 
•  22% more search engine marketing conversions 
•  63% growth in social conversions

And by observing consumer behaviors as well as which ads resonated with each targeted geo market, Pentair also maximized ad spend beyond its traditional pool products and into sanitation and disinfection products. Quite the achievements while sticking to the last year’s budget!

To find out more about Pentair’s success in reducing wasteful activities, identifying key geographies to target, and maximizing marketing spend ROI, check out the complete case study. And for help in achieving similar marketing objectives for your company, contact R2i today

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