Meet R2i: Erica Magnotto, Senior SEM Manager

Erica Magnotto, Senior SEM Manager


Erica Magnotto is a Senior Search Engine Marketing Manager at R2i and joined the company in the spring of 2018. Her current clients include Nuvance Health, Fairfax EggBank, Beth Isreal Lahey Health, BGE HOME, and Afrezza. Erica has also worked on larger brands such as Stanley Black & Decker, MyEyeDr., and Feeding America. 

What is a recent project that you’ve really enjoyed working on?
Recently, we executed a multi-department exercise for one of our healthcare clients that helped them define which service lines will be a priority during and post-COVID. The purpose of this project was to support the client with real-time data and research—across paid search, paid social, and the industry—to get a holistic view of each service line to determine where they can maximize their advertising dollars. 

For paid search specifically, we were able to provide a deliverable with search volume trends based on month-over-month and year-over-year data that gave a strong indication on how user demand and priorities shifted over the course of this year in healthcare. I loved being able to collaborate with multiple departments internally and presenting our findings to the client, who truly appreciated the data-driven insights/results during a pandemic year. 

What makes R2i different from other digital agencies?
Everyone at R2i genuinely cares about the output of their work; as someone who has been employed at two other agencies, I can truly say R2i takes the most pride in being experts in the industry—while also delivering the best marketing strategies and products possible. R2i also invests in their employees with ample training opportunities to ensure we provide cutting-edge industry expertise to our clients.  

What inspires you about digital?
I love that digital marketing is constantly transforming and evolving; it’s an industry that keeps you on your toes. I focus primarily on SEM (search engine marketing), and I’m still learning new things about this one channel every day. I also love that digital marketing offers a space for creativity as well as an analytical mindset. I feel that I am often using both sides of my brain on a regular basis. 

Tell us about your professional philosophy.
“Work hard and play harder” used to be my philosophy, but now my philosophy is to stop, breathe, and lean into the work. I used to want to rush to the top, but now I see a lot more value in just sitting in my current position, leaning into my responsibilities, and allowing myself to fail so I can grow. I think many people get restless in their roles and eager to jump ahead. But I have learned, you can’t be a great leader in the industry by rushing through your beginnings. 

If you could have a dream client, who would it be and why?
I would love to work for a top all-natural cosmetic brand like Kopari or Vegamour. These brands sustainably source the most natural ingredients for their products and really challenge consumers to question other cosmetic brands with toxic ingredients on the market. I truly feel that they have raised the bar on producing cosmetics with integrity, and that is the type of brand I can get behind. Also, the brand colors, tone and vibrancy would make for some really exciting and sexy digital campaigns. 

What are you passionate about outside of the office?
I love to travel! I did a semester abroad in Spain and have had the travel bug ever since. Some of my favorite places I have visited include Spain (of course), Guatemala, Ireland and Morocco. 

What piece of advice would you give to your childhood self?
I would tell myself to save more and worry less. When you’re in high school or college, the world seems so small, and everything seems like a big deal. But you quickly learn that in the grand scheme of life, those small concerns are just minor bumps in the road. I also have a great handle on my finances now, but college Erica could have used some inspiration. 12 

Who is your hero and why?
My hero is definitely my Mom. Not because of her work ethic or ambition, but because of her patience and kindness towards everyone. She has a rare ability to immediately put herself in someone else’s shoes and care deeply for their situation. If everyone had a sliver of my Mom’s empathy, there would be a lot more forgiveness and a lot less contempt in this world. 

In a Hollywood movie about your life, what actor would you want to cast as yourself?
I would LOVE if my girl crush, Blake Lively, played myself in a movie. But unfortunately, I look absolutely nothing like Blake. If it was based on physical similarities, then I would maybe cast Anne Hathaway. I would truly be honored to be played by either…have their people call my people! 

Tell us about a major digital marketing trend that businesses should be paying attention to. Why is it important?
Search Engine Marketing is starting to become a standard marketing staple for every company, which is why Google and Microsoft Ads are making massive moves in automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Understanding how to leverage their algorithms and AI updates on these platforms will be crucial for companies who want to see the greatest return from their search dollars. 

Additionally, search engine results pages (SERP) are getting more competitive as more companies invest in Google and Bing year-over-year. So it’s important—now more than ever—for companies to lean on and hire SEM professionals that work in these platforms on a regular basis and understand SEM optimization. Without a strong grasp on SEM platforms, which are consistently updating and highly technical, a company could potentially waste a lot of money and not reach their goals. 


About the author: Erica Magnotto

As a Sr. Search Engine Marketing Manager at R2i, Erica oversees SEM strategy for multiple paid search clients, as well as, manages and facilitates the growth of more junior team members on the paid search team. She takes a highly technical and holistic approach to paid search execution to ensure optimal ROI and organization that seamlessly compliments other media initiatives. With experience in multiple B2C and B2B SEM accounts, Erica is well versed in identifying nuances and customizing each client strategy to their goals in order to impact their bottom line. 

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