6 Key Capabilities Your Marketing Automation Tool Should Do For You

Digital Market News lists automation as one of the top five key advantages of creating a digital marketing program. Furthermore, the article notes how automation is growing at a rapid rate—helping businesses transform, automate, accelerate, and optimize repetitive manual tasks such as sending emails, posting social media, and online ads. 

Putting marketing automation into play for your company is critical because delivering personalized, connected experiences is the only way to attract prospects and retain customers. But deploying the solution requires a bit of work. As Digital Market News also emphasizes, understanding the components and the nuances is key.

Providing the right content at the right time to prospects and customers according to where they are in their buying journeys is also key. It’s vital to deliver convenient, always-on tailored messaging through the channels your prospects and customers prefer. Otherwise, you will quickly lose their attention—and their business.

A Guild for Your Selection Journey
To solve these challenges, it’s important to find the marketing automation solution that most effectively meets your requirements and enables you to leverage prospect and customer data across channels and to streamline how fast your campaigns go to market. Other key criteria to seek include the ability to create 1-to-1 personalized campaigns.

To assist you in your search for a marketing automation solution, R2i has published Marketing Automation: Selecting the Best Fit for Your Organization. The guide takes a deep dive to review and compare six marketing automation tools:

Adobe Campaign
Marketo Engage
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Pardot

R2i has deployed each of these tools for various mid-market and enterprise organizations. By checking out the report, you can get our perspective of each tool and our evaluation of their key capabilities: 

Communication Channels Supported
Reporting and Analytics
Integration Capabilities 
Targeting and Personalization 
Artificial Intelligence 
Lead Management

We also delve into end-user experiences, customer support from each vendor, and the roles you will need internally to ensure success with each tool.

The ROI of Marketing Automation
No matter which marketing automation solution you choose to deploy, if done correctly, the investment will generate a significant return. The marketing team will produce a greater number of relevant leads, and your sales team will close on a higher percentage of opportunities. At the same time, internal resources can be diverted from the manual tasks that your solution automates—and focused on more strategic initiatives.

And the personalized experiences you deliver will strengthen your brand among prospects and customers, regardless of whether they buy your products and services. You will be able to show them you are sensitive to and understand where they are at in their journeys. And that will give you mindshare in their future buying considerations.

To discover which marketing automation solution is best for your business, check out our white paper, Marketing Automation: Selecting the Best Fit for Your Organization today. And if you could use help in digitally connecting with your prospects and customers, contact us at www.r2integrated.com/contact.

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