Crash Course in a Business' Life-Saver: Content Management Systems (CMS)

Is your organization managing content as efficiently and effectively as possible, while providing the ultimate consumer user experience and journey across various digital channels? Are they maximizing content potential and leveraging omni-channel strategies to reach target prospects quickly and powerfully for driving lead demand and increasing conversion rates? 

Stop the autopilot. 
Organizations often assume the current way of doing things is the best way, until they are faced with the challenge of transforming their business and growing performance, utilizing an essential and key component: the company website.

Websites are our windows to the external world; connecting businesses instantaneously with prospects for a competing first impression. In a digitally-driven world, customers want and expect more from brands. Many brands struggle to keep up with customer demands in the race of ensuring relevant content and to avoid customer frustration and shifting loyalties. The importance of upholding and curating content, while delivering a targeted and personalized experience for customers should be priority one for businesses. Keeping pace with today’s modern expectations of maintaining materials across pertinent digital channels can be a daunting process – but it doesn’t have to be! Say goodbye to methods that continue to hinder internal processes and starve organizations of their digital transformation.

Why a CMS?
The right CMS brightens the human experience and unleashes teams’ potential for defining the ideal customer journey and developing strategies to accelerate and optimize content marketing execution activities. Not only does a carefully selected, well-chosen CMS arm marketers with quick and easy management wherever, whenever, but it’s the better way for keeping organizations’ information current - focusing on and prioritizing digital footprints to drive connected engagement of audiences and enabling the optimal opportunity for converting visitors into customers! 
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The Importance of a CMS
Having a CMS is about much more than just content; it’s determining the customer journey. The customer journey is not a linear or predictable path. Instead, the journey is an experience punctuated by moments - moments of customer need and moments of brand opportunity. Ensuring a business has the right CMS fit for their industry, their business, their audience and their organization’s specific needs for fueling future growth, entails proper leveraging of a platform to intrinsically connect human experiences through marketing automation, data analysis, personalization, segmentation and testing functionality. Creating the right memorable experience is key to engaging users and has become an expectation for digital experiences.

CMS Experts Tell All
In R2integrated’s 2019 CMS Comparison Report, we’ll dig into low-effort, high-impact advice that will drive real results for organizations. With research from Forrester, Gartner and vendor reports combined, we’re sharing access to key insights from industry experts, covering everything there is to know about a CMS - from technology and system requirements, to authorability and publishing, to security and support, ease-of-use and more. 

Download R2integrated’s 2019 CMS Comparison Report here to take a closer look at how marketing teams can use technology to maximize potential, boost business goals and how the right CMS enterprise technology can optimize your operations and help your marketing team grow through smart B2B strategies and customer experience design. 

About the author: Brittany Leonard

Brittany is marketing professional with an enthusiasm for helping businesses grow. Her experience ranges from enhancing brand strategy to developing and designing personalized and innovative marketing initiatives. Her experience encompasses a variety of settings including, but not limited to, the commercial real estate, office furniture manufacturing industry, freelance, corporate franchise national marketing and more. Today, she is a specialized, integrated digital marketing strategist with a focus in brand vision, thought leadership, content creation and omnichannel strategy and execution.

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