Meet R2i: Brittany Nowlin

Meet R2i: Brittany Nowlin

How long have you worked at R2i? Who are some of your clients?
I am coming up on one year. My clients include Hilton Grand Vacations, MyEyeDr, Atlantic Health and BGE HOMES. 

What is a recent project that you’ve really enjoyed working on?
The HGV migration project has been really exciting because it touches all aspects of what I love about digital marketing and specifically SEO: 

• Content consolidation and keyword strategy 
• Competitive analysis and SERP landscape opportunities 
• Technical site audit and recommendations 
• Wireframe creation and review including QA for SEO elements 
What makes R2i different from other digital agencies?
R2i is unique in that the team structure is one that encourages collaboration across multiple channels, which allows us to serve our clients with a personalized approach. It’s not often that you see a digital marketing agency that merges teams so they can achieve their best every day. For example, it’s not uncommon for the team that serves a client to comprise specialists in SEO, paid media, strategy, dev, UX, analytics and design. The human assets that we have at our company are driven by data and thrive on providing measurable results. 

What inspires you about digital?
Consumers today are super savvy. They know what marketing is, they know when and why they are being targeted, and they can spot an advertisement. As a digital marketer in the online space that we live in, there is a consistent challenge to find new ways of becoming part of the digital conversation. One of the most inspiring aspects of digital marketing is the ever-changing landscape that we have to constantly evolve our practices to. We are constantly dissecting and digesting data to keep our strategies and executions fresh and new. We get to know our audience intimately so that we can tell the story they want to hear and build trust with them. The relationships we build with our consumers allow us to stay on top of the latest digital movements. No other industry can elicit such emotion as digital marketing. We are the storytellers and brand ambassadors behind products and services.  
Tell us about your professional philosophy.
Do the right thing to always make things right. In the world we live in today, it is very easy to go the easy route, both personally and professionally. The world of SEO is a perfect example. I have seen some very questionable, unethical practices employed to boost a website’s success in the organic space, and they NEVER pay off over the long term. Google will catch you 99% of the time, and when you do things wrong, search engines aren’t quick to forgive. While doing things the right way takes more time to execute and more time to see results, these results are worth the wait. You cannot be afraid to stand up for what is right and voice your opinion—even when it may be difficult. Being in client services, we often want to say “yes” all the time, but that is not necessarily the way to look out for our clients’ best interests and to be the best partner. Trust is earned. Our clients hire us to do a job, and the job has to be done right. I have found that instant results do not last, and this goes for all areas of my professional life. I am extremely satisfied in my current position at R2i as Director of SEO, and I have advanced to this place in my career today by being patient, working hard, and doing things the right way. 

If you could have a dream client, who would it be and why?
My dream client would be passionate about what they do and would be quick to implement recommendations. One of the hardest things about being in SEO is getting recs implemented. SEO is slow to make an impact, so it is often what gets moved to the back of the queue, which can be so frustrating—especially when you, as an SEO expert, know how valuable it is.  

What are you passionate about outside of the office?
I have so many passions outside of work: My dog Bailey, my husband Jason, the Portland Trailblazers, hip-hop music, gardening, cooking, and enjoying the Pacific Northwest. They are all up there with what I am most passionate about. I also love to try new things—whether it’s a new sport or a new recipe, I will give it a go! During the summer I like to go on outdoor adventures and try new dishes, using fresh herbs and veggies from my garden. During the winter months (and we have a long winter in Seattle), you can find me snowboarding and getting the most out of my NBA league pass. 


What piece of advice would you give to your childhood self?

I would tell my childhood self to listen to your elders and accept help when you need it! I can’t count the number of times that I think to myself, “I should have listened to my grandfather/mother/teacher on that one!” I was always a head-strong kid that wanted to do everything on her own, but if I were to talk to that kid, I would say to her that listening to others and accepting help is not a sign of weakness. 

Who is your hero and why?
My grandparents. My grandmother, because she was so adventurous, and she never slowed down. Many of my best childhood memories are with her—traveling, camping and visiting national forests, beaches and tide pools. My grandfather, because he is so wise and so kind. Also his values; he was extremely successful but his family was always the most important thing to him. 

In a Hollywood movie about your life, what actor would you want to cast as yourself?
I would cast an Amy Poehler or Maya Rudolph type actress who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I learned a long time ago that embracing who you are is so much less effort than trying to be someone you aren’t, and it is much more fun.  

Tell us about a major digital marketing trend that businesses should be paying attention to. Why is it important?
Monitoring their brand! It is amazing to me how many companies have very little insight into how their brand is being talked about online and how they are perceived by their target audience. If there are keywords that are important to the brand or business, monitor them! This can help by uncovering opportunities to get involved in conversations that are important to the company or industry. And most importantly…their audience! It can also help to respond to any negative feedback or reviews. It is extremely important for businesses to respond to reviews, especially for local SEO strategies. 

About the author: Brittany Nowlin

As the Director of SEO at R2i, Brittany Nowlin loves all aspects of SEO, but her expertise lies in technical SEO and creating sound website foundations for housing strategic content. Brittany has over ten years of helping clients in capturing search engine real estate while also driving real business results from organic search for industries such as fashion e-commerce, higher education and healthcare. She also brings a deep knowledge of user experience—with a passion for understanding what the consumer wants and needs, and making that a reality. Brittany’s favorite challenge in her day-to-day life is helping her clients build dialogues with their users through her ability to analyze and use data to drive recommendations and results.

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