Salesforce Signs Transformative Deal With Tableau

Hot off the press! Salesforce released an exciting announcement regarding their recent acquisition of Tableau, the interactive data visualization software company. Over the past 6+ years, R2i has worked very closely with Tableau and directly with a multitude of Salesforce products. We were thrilled to hear about this partnership, given our history. As a proud sponsor of a Tableau User Group in the community and a valued customer that is highly involved within the Tableau organization, we receive exclusive, direct access to team members and resources that ensure our customers are informed on the latest updates – this one included. The rest of this article compiles a few of the reasons contributing to R2i’s enthusiasm for this new direction: - Alignment of core values: Shared emphasis on customer point of view and feedback, a trusted community of users and developers, maintaining innovation as a differentiator, focus on charitable causes and giving back to our communities. - Product roadmap and associated teams remain unaffected: Tableau and Salesforce will continue to execute on the existing roadmap including targeted new data mining capabilities, analytics innovations, ask data, Tableau Prep, Tableau Data Catalog, the transition of capabilities to web/cloud, continued focus on connecting to all data anywhere. - Improvements to SFDC: With an even stronger connection between teams than before, improving the capability and efficiencies between these two products is now more seamless than ever, and Tableau will continue to support non-Salesforce CRM tools. - Management team to remain independent: Tableau will continue to operate independently; the brand will remain strong and make decisions in the best interest of customers, as a division under Salesforce. Salesforce has done this successfully with Neilson – and resultantly helped drive increased innovation and growth by providing the necessary resources. - Shared learnings from both user communities: Both organizations recognize the value of their user communities; as advocates for each brand and innovators in driving change. Salesforce and Tableau also have active community experiences to serve as a center of excellence for each engagement.  - The annual conference is here to stay: Location and dates remain unaffected and we suspect there will be even more buzz and new information to come! With Tableau’s ability to help users see and better understand data, paired with Salesforce’s dedicated capability to both engage and comprehend customer needs, we believe end users will receive the best of both worlds. This merging is not expected to be official until the end of October 2019, pending customary closing conditions and the receipt of regulatory approval.

About the author: Andrea Goldstein

Andrea is a Senior Analyst and the trailblazer for our R2i presence in Los Angeles, CA. She began her career executing campaigns and producing content across multiple online and offline channels on both the client and agency side. She identifies data as the common thread and truly fell in love with analytics after witnessing the magical power of data and visualization. Testing and personalization were a natural next step, data driven strategy is the key to her success. With a passion to make raw data beautiful and drive digital ROI for her clients, Andrea integrates cross-channel data to create customized and easy-to-read interactive dashboards. She is most interested in helping clients answer their toughest business questions by reimagining the data to reveal trends, identify areas of optimization, and forecast performance - striving for the ultimate “wow” impact.

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