Want to Amplify Customer Engagement? Look to the Cloud

Marketers may be surprised to hear this, but customer engagement is no longer driven by personalization alone. Today’s customers expect relevant experiences that are not only personalized, but anticipatory and predictive. Digitally mature companies understand that reaching and engaging the modern consumer requires them to anticipate and solve pain points before customers realize they have them. The question is, how do organizations accomplish this? The answer lies in leveraging the experience-driven capabilities of marketing cloud technology. Marketing cloud technology facilitates increasingly personalized and predictive experiences—these integrated platforms equip brands with the tools and triggers needed to drive engagement across any marketing touchpoint and every phase of a customer’s decision-making journey.

Defining Customer Engagement

The first step in activating engaging experiences via marketing cloud technology is defining customer engagement itself. CRM Expert Paul Greenberg may have said it best when he stated, “customer engagement is the ongoing interactions between a company and a customer—offered by the company, chosen by the customer.” This definition captures the core element of the matter: choice. With so many brands vying for their attention and wallets, customers tend to limit their brand interactions to the organizations that consistently add value to their personal or business lives. To win at customer engagement, brands need to consider not only the interactions that convert potential buyers into first-time customers, but also the activities that nurture these individuals into repeat customers and loyal brand advocates.

Utilizing Cloud Technology to Drive Great Customer Engagement

Marketing cloud technology gives brands the ability to achieve their customer engagement goals and evolve their digital experiences. rel="noopener noreferrer" Industry leaders such as Adobe have developed integrated cloud platforms that provide marketers with the tools to control every level of customer engagement, including:
  • Unified customer profiles that can be targeted across channels and devices
  • Campaign orchestration that delivers personalized content at scale
  • Web analytics and machine learning to detect engagement opportunities
  • Streamlined content management without reliance on IT

Before investing in cloud technology though, it’s important to ensure your business has the right strategy and operational processes in place to maximize your investment. The essential building blocks of a customer engagement strategy include:

Intimate Knowledge of Your Target Audiences

It’s vital to have a full understanding of your brand’s target audience segments, or personas, and their unique buying journeys. Marketers must acknowledge the fact that these journeys are not linear and rarely predictable, but instead weave through various touchpoints and moments of opportunity for your brand to engage with individuals across channels, devices, and screens.

Customer-centric Content Delivery

Once you’ve established a keen sense of these customers’ tendencies, focus on creating immersive content that is tailored toward specific-personas, communicates your brand value, inspires interaction, and drives the conversion points you seek. Leverage marketing cloud technology and testing plans to ensure this content adapts and evolves to individual customers as they enter different phases of their decision-making journey.

Clearly Defined Measurements of Success

Success Measurement Before launching any campaigns, define your business objectives and key performance indicators to track success. Measure these KPIs with advanced analytics throughout the campaign lifecycle in order to test engagement and optimize future efforts. Cloud technology is a worthy investment for any brand looking to evolve their digital capabilities and customer engagement potential. While these platforms offer no shortage of benefits, brands must first ensure they have the right strategy components in place to truly succeed. Until then, better customer engagements are waiting for you.
Lindsay McGettigan

About the author: Lindsay McGettigan

As VP of Digital Strategy, Lindsay serves as the connective tissue between R2i’s Strategy, Analytics, Search, and Account teams to ensure that the appropriate digital tactics are being employed to meet client’s business goals at every stage of the customer lifecycle journey.

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