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As R2i adds clients outside the Mid-Atlantic region I find myself doing more travel to meet up with clients and learning more about how to better assist them with on-going projects. I recently found myself visiting Montreal to kick-off a very exciting project for a mobile communications company. As I walked through the client doors for the first time it could of easily been a company down the hallway. What I mean by this is that the some things remain the same inside technology companies. For one thing they all seem to prefer an open office floor plan, no offices exist with very few closed doors at all. Just like at our offices, the coffee run seems to be an important ritual :) Some things are different of course in terms of process and workflow but after ending an all day kick-off session it became clear to me that it does not seem to matter where you work inside the technology start-up community some things remain consistent they include a certain energy level, a sense of timing and the desire to create something great. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn more about these organizations and being an active part of the creative process.
Dave Taub

About the author: Dave Taub

David Taub's creative insight, design background, and business experience offer R2i clients a superior level of quality with a unique approach to every project. With experience on projects ranging from brand development/identity to online portal/website development, David's skills have assisted in earning R2i recognition as the region's top marketing and design firm.

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