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Mobile marketing is one of the newer marketing strategies small businesses and large corporations alike are investing more time, energy – and yes, lots of money, in. In fact, Business Insider reports that companies spent $5.3 billion on mobile advertising in 2011 alone and Mobile Marketing Association recently estimated the total Mobile Marketing spend reached $10.46 billion in 2013. This increase in interest coincides with the massive increase in smartphone and tablet use in the past few years. 


Industry leaders have quickly jumped on the opportunity to build out brand-specific apps for users. For instance, Verizon FiOS offers its customers a Digital Voice app that lets them connect their home phone with their smartphone. And Coca-Cola engages with mobile users with a simple app that adds a techie “spin” on a well-known game – Spin the Bottle.

But apps aren’t just useful as added benefit to existing customers. Since more and more consumers look to their mobile devices to shop and learn more about a product, service or business, marketers would benefit from learning as much as they can about this new – and increasingly important, technique.

First, here are a few things you should never do:

1. Don’t use QR codes without a specific strategy in place.

That means don’t include a QR code in an ad without explaining what it is. Don’t place your ad – with the QR code, in a location a user can’t access (like on the side of a moving buses or underground where no one has wireless signal).

Provide a specific call to action. Don’t just say “Scan for more information” (however this is better than no call to action at all). Instead, tell customers to “Scan to download an exclusive playlist” or “Scan to win a free gift,” etc. ]

 Because so many people will be ready to scan while driving 60mph...

 2. Don’t use content on mobile unless it’s specifically optimized for a mobile experience.

Part of the value of mobile marketing is that it allows consumers to experience your brand or business in a whole new way. So, it’s important to actually provide a unique experience, with a website and content created specifically for mobile devices.

Don’t just size down your regular website so it can be viewed on mobile. That’s a rookie mistake that won’t add any value on mobile devices for your consumers – or for you. Optimize fresh mobile content users will actually enjoy viewing on their smartphones or tablets.

3. Don’t fail to recognize the importance of “SoLoMo” marketing.

That is, “social, local and mobile marketing.” Any experience on a mobile device can and should be social and local, so it only makes sense to incorporate these ideas into mobile marketing. Today, consumers look to their phones to interact and socialize and discover what’s around them.

Allow your customers to interact and find great local incentives when they connect with your business on smartphones or tablets. Small businesses, in particular, with a largely local consumer base should take advantage of SoLoMo marketing. But even larger businesses can connect to consumers in a more personal way by incorporating these ideas.

Second, try out these tools to improve your mobile marketing efforts:

1. Swipely

Add loyalty program access for mobile users with this handy tool. Create an account with Swipely and let your customers know they should “text to join” your mobile loyalty program. Instead of punch cards or plastic key fobs customers invariably lose, Swipely “works seamlessly with the credit or debit card consumers already have in their wallet,” according to Mashable.

2. TextUs.Biz

Nobody wants to talk on the phone anymore, despite the fact that they carry smartphones with them virtually everywhere. Instead, they want to utilize other forms of communication their smartphones allow. Mobile marketers should recognize this, and offer their customers options. With TextUs.Biz, businesses can “send and receive text from customers via their computer or iPad.TextUs-Biz-Mobile-Marketing

3. Mogreet Express

According to Social Media Examiner, SMS (or text message) mobile marketing is one of the most effective mobile marketing strategies available to businesses today. With Mogreet Express, you can “quickly create SMS (text) or video messaging campaigns to incorporate into social media and build a database of customers who want to receive your information and offers.

4. Heyo

More and more people access Facebook on their smartphones, so use this to your advantage with “mobile-friendly” Facebook contests from Heyo. Heyo can recognize where your customers are coming from and direct them to the best experience for them. So mobile users are rerouted to the mobile experience that is optimized to be viewed and manipulated on their mobile device.

5. LogMyCalls

Often, mobile marketing efforts are in place to get potential customers to call and order a product or service. If you want to track which calls are brought in from mobile ads, use LogMyCalls. According to Social Media Examiner, “LogMyCalls gives you a full suite of tracking features to track every call generated by your mobile advertising and measure the return on your investment.

Mobile Marketing Matters

There is no question that mobile has drastically changed how we interact with the world around us—how we share information, find nearby places, research new products. As the mobile experience becomes more and more sophisticated, it’s absolutely crucial to have a thoughtful approach in understanding how consumers behave when using these devices and how to effectively reach them. By first developing a deliberate strategy around mobile and then utilizing relevant marketing tools for a specific campaign, companies will be able to gain advantage of this ever-evolving platform to connect their message with their audience in the most effective way possible.

Michelle Smith

About the author: Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith is a freelance writer with a focus on social media and marketing. She can be found typing away on her laptop in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. Michelle welcomes your feedback at michellelsmithwrier@gmail.com

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