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Achieve deeper engagement with students, faculty, and alumni with the right digital foundation to foster ongoing engagement.

Higher-ed marketers are spread thin, and the industry is rapidly modernizing the way it engages prospective and current students, their families, alumni, donors, and educators. The pressure is on to compete in a crowded space. Competition is fierce and winning. Now more than ever, this requires a fundamental cultural shift where universities think of themselves as a business and students as their customers.  

Improve contextual experiences and capitalize on relevant messaging to reach prospective students and nurture them throughout their educational lifecycle. As the first point of entry in a new student experience, we help educators and students engage more effectively, supporting students throughout their time on campus, launching into their future careers, and staying connected post-graduation as they move into the professional world.

R2i helps higher-ed nurture relevant student journeys and deliver a 360-degree view of the student, working with educational institutions to connect the diverse customer base via relevant digital experiences that build a deep sense of commitment and loyalty to the institution, while adding value to the constituent. 


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