Learn how R2i helped PG&E humanize customer experiences through teleservices expertise.
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PG&E noticed a dramatic decline in conversion rates across its various campaign programs and initiatives being managed internally versus partner, R2i.
PG&E needed to urgently assess its weaknesses, revamp strategies, and develop new, innovative approaches to turn fading campaigns around for attaining their goals.


R2i commenced with a piloted program, best known as their, ‘SMB (Small – Medium Business) Welcome Series,’ leveraging its teleservices offering to supplement existing R2i email and direct mail initiatives by dialing into businesses in an effort to drive conversation rates with key stakeholders. After achieving skyrocketing success, PG&E and R2i chose to scale and grow the initial pilot of (14) campaigns to (30+) initiatives. Through personalized scripting and multi-language calling capabilities, the added personalization layer propelled the relationship of not only PG&E and each of its consumers, but also the utility's rapport and trust with R2i.
Paired with PG&E’s investments in data & analytics, R2i could analyze the customer data and derive marketing insights, directional authority and real-time recommendations on content, cadence, channel, creative, and messaging in order to influence customer behavior, and ultimately identify audience intention for helping to shape its new strategy. This combination of data insights and technology enabled R2i & PG&E to not only reach, but also connect with customers in ways that had not previously been executed within PG&E, or the competing utility companies within the industry.
R2i and PG&E worked to collaboratively build a ‘Tele-Agency of Record,’ sanctioning transparency into holistic views of all campaigns in order to ensure teams were trained across a variety of product offerings, furthering the ability to suggest personalized solutions and products for each unique customer.
The new, enhanced framework enabled PG&E to offer personalized, 1:1 outbound call streamlining efforts. Not only does the revamped structure drive added action from purchasers; i.e. booking appointments with sales representatives, encouraging personal inquiries for additional information, opting into digital communications and the like, but it furthermore ‘lights a match’ in elevating campaign performance of those that did not previously have teleservices enabled.


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    This year alone, we've updated 20,000+ records, and only 0.13% opted out of communication.

    49% connectivity with a 36% voicemail rate.

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