Two Key Priorities Accelerating Higher Education Marketing

Higher-ed marketers are spread thin, and the industry as a whole is undergoing significant changes in the way it communicates with prospective students. University decision-makers thus face many challenges—ranging from unpredictable enrollment models to lack of internal cohesion among departments and divisions, and an inability to differentiate their brand in the crowded higher-ed space. What’s needed, is a way to simplify and refocus on the most important factors to success—the students. Universities that deliver personalized, relevant and compelling digital experiences to students as well as influencers—parents, guidance counselors, coaches and peer networks—will command attention, gain market share and drive results. 

In this white paper, we examine why customer experience management has become the number-one marketing priority for universities and colleges and while delivering effective digital experiences requires a fundamental cultural shift,  universities that start thinking of themselves as a business and their students as customers — accomplish this mission.

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