Adobe Has Future Plans to Leverage AI and Machine Learning

This is the third of a three-part blog series in which R2i offers insights about Adobe Summit 2019 in Las Vegas—one of the largest digital marketing conferences in the world. Thousands of digital professionals congregated to hear about the latest news, announcements, tips and tricks pertaining to Adobe solutions. In our first blog, we demonstrated how Adobe is helping customers deliver more relevant and more personalized content. In our second, we focused on improvements for Adobe Experience Cloud tools. Today, we discuss how Adobe plans to leverage AI and Machine Learning in future product releases. 

Adobe made several announcements at Summit 2019 about its upcoming product plans. It appears Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will play prominent roles in all Experience Cloud products. 

Here’s a sneak peak into the coming attractions:
  • As digital experiences and journeys become increasingly diverse, it’s more vital than ever to understand what customers need and expect. Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI and Machine Learning technology, will play an important role in shaping current and future Adobe products. Adobe believes Sensei will play a key role in consistently delivering “the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.” Adobe representatives also mentioned several Sensei features that are planned for future releases. These features have been used internally at Adobe for quite some time and are currently being tested by a limited number of Adobe customers.

  • Attribution AI, a feature powered by Sensei, seeks to assign credit and calculate the influence of each touchpoint across the customer journey. Anthony Ching, one of Adobe’s leaders of AI and Machine Learning, noted during a session that with algorithmic attribution, Sensei can do more than just explain which touchpoints should be credited for conversion; Sensei can also surface insights such as revenue that would have been lost if budget was not used for certain marketing efforts. Ching explained, “The Adobe Sensei team has spent several years with researchers to take all sorts of advanced factors into account in calculating the most accurate attribution possible.”  Common uses of Attribution AI may include executive reporting, content attribution, full journey allocation, and channel effectiveness.

  • Journey AI is another upcoming feature, and has several available marketing capabilities, each with the goal of optimizing marketing efforts and strengthening customer relationships. Journey AI could help marketers in the future with several new capabilities:

    - Receive recommendations for optimal message send times 
    - Define the number of times an individual should be contacted per month
    - Predict the probability of a user unsubscribing from emails if another message is sent 
    - Determine the likelihood of email open rates for each hour of the week

  • Marketo, a recent acquisition by Adobe, is enhancing its capabilities by leveraging Sensei. Marketo can provide large amounts of data, but it can be difficult for analysts to surface actionable insights. With the power of AI and Sensei, Adobe claims that the combination can help marketing teams take better actions in Markeo—faster than ever before. Sensei can also help to better uncover recommendations and insights related to audience profiles, content, attribution and journeys.

    A Dual Focus on the Present and the Future

    Summit 2019 made it clear that Adobe is focusing on improving and building out its existing products. But the company is also heavily investing in and preparing for the future. Adobe wants to help customers unify their data sources and bring better, more personalized experiences to website users across the globe. 

    Recordings from all the Adobe Summit 2019 sessions and keynotes are available to view here. And if your company is looking for help in how to best leverage the Adobe solutions we’ve discussed in this blog series, contact R2integrated at

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