Are You Up to Speed on Digital Maturity?

When it comes to digital maturity, do you know how your company stacks up against your competition? Before reading on, ask yourself which word you think best describes your team’s level of digital maturity: Skeptic, Adopter, Collaborator, or Differentiator. In 2017, Forrester developed their Digital Maturity Model 5.0 to help brands envision a fluid course along which they could propel their marketing teams to reach peak levels of digital sophistication. If these categories are unfamiliar to you, or if you’re unsure of where your team truly falls along the spectrum, follow the path below to help identify areas where you can improve your digital marketing operations.

About the author: Toniann Mendelzon

Toniann Andries Mendelzon is a Digital Marketing Strategist at R2i who moonlights as both a grad student of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and a butler to her dog. She is passionate about storytelling, content creation, and traveling the globe. When she’s not writing about digital marketing or branding trends, she can usually be found blogging about horseracing or anecdotal life experiences. She believes in working smarter, not harder, and hopes to one day write a novel or two.

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