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As we continue to work with clients to design for online destinations I still find myself being brought back tot he "physical" world as we have come to call it. This physical world comes into play when our clients need to interact outside of the online platforms they are used to communicating with on a daily basis. One example comes to mind in particular with a project involving online security systems for complex database systems. As they were gearing up to head to their annual industry conference we started work on both the project interface and marketing based website. With only a couple of weeks until the event we shifted discussion to marketing tools for the event, we changed over to the "physical world" and developed trade show graphics, sales collateral, give-aways, business cards, PowerPoint presentations and a host of deliverables to support the event. The end product was a very well branded set of tools that took advantage of the online materials created and we were able to utilize that experience for the tradeshow.
Dave Taub

About the author: Dave Taub

David Taub's creative insight, design background, and business experience offer R2i clients a superior level of quality with a unique approach to every project. With experience on projects ranging from brand development/identity to online portal/website development, David's skills have assisted in earning R2i recognition as the region's top marketing and design firm.

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