DNP YET The Buzz from Digital Summit East 2013

In mid-October I had the opportunity to attend Digital East 2013, a digital strategies conference aimed at educating and promoting forward thinking and thought leadership on topics related to internet marketing. The conference had an impressive agenda that touched on a variety of topics ranging from advanced social strategies to cross-platform convergence. The event also featured some awesome keynote speakers including:
    • Brent Herd (Director of Southeast, Twitter)
    • Joe Lockhart (Former White House Press Secretary and VP of Global Communications,   Facebook)

The central themes & conference buzz:

Use your data. Presenters could not stress enough that knowledge is power. A complete understanding of data and the ability to act on new-found insights in real-time is essential for online marketing. Data has been a hot topic at every conference this fall; r2i actually discussed it as well at IMS Boston. Click here for our thought leadership on big and small data. SEO, Not Provided.Why I Don't Care About (Not Provided)’ justifies why we should stop crying SEO tears regarding the most recent platform changes. The r2i search, social and analytics team is in alignment with Michael; check out our collective thoughts on Google's "not provided" buzz.  Marketing Automation. “Users change, everything is different all the time so automate the processes, not the decisions. Equations are bad at finding opportunities, people are not. – Matt Wallaert” When it comes to marketing automation, it is indeed a tool that needs human intersection in order for it to be leveraged and mapped to specific marketing initiatives. Deciding what bells and whistles you need can be daunting and its helpful to compare features and functionality before making decisions on what tool to use. Mobile, Responsive Design. The purpose of responsive design is to have one site, but with different elements that will fluidly change and respond to fit any screen or device size in a visually appealing format. Post Q&A discussions went on to address: 
  • What systems will display emails coded with responsive design
  • What are the benefits and challenges of responsive web design
  • Embrace the scroll?!

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