Mobile Strategy, Development And Marketing

R2i understands that a mobile app is an extension of your brand, connecting your target audience through a seamless online experience. We help with the strategy, ideation, design, development and tracking of mobile apps to achieve your marketing goals and functional objectives. Working together, r2i can help leverage your brand by providing cross platform mobile-apps.

Responsive / Adaptive Design Web Mobile

Need a mobile web experience that scales across all mobile devices? R2i provides responsive design and development to support multiple device levels including wide desktop, tablet and smartphone (portrait & landscape). Web responsive design based sites give organizations cross platform mobile device support from a single web based site. Responsive design lets organizations leverage and manage their existing web based content while still providing a personalized user experience all from a single system thereby giving the best total cost of ownership over most native mobile apps.

Mobile Optimized Website

An '' site is generally a scaled down version of the main sitemap and content. Mobile optimized sites also are able to leverage native mobile device features such as GPS but the user must be connected to the Internet.

Native Mobile (iPad / iPhone, Android & Windows 8)

A richer user experience with a mobile store marketplace.  Native apps have a richer user experience typically and tap into the device feature sets such as GPS, camera and local storage. Organizations that require unique functionality, branding, commerce and need to work without an internet connection may consider a native mobile app.