R2i is a national digital marketing agency that helps clients align marketing cloud technologies with brand expression and demand generation to accelerate their customer relationships and ROI. As a thought leader in how marketing technology can be built to run, optimize, and measure campaigns, R2i produces platform comparison reports to give marketing leaders a starting point in assessing the best technologies for their business requirements.

R2i has added to its library of comparison reports on Web Content Management and Marketing Automation, its newest release: Analytics Platform Comparison ReportThe Report includes seven enterprise analytics solutions, providing a side-by-side comparison of each platform in order for decision-makers to quickly compare the technical specs, capabilities, and features associated with each system. Feature categories include usability, cost, data availability, implementation and data collection, integrations, security, tag management, and reporting features.

The report includes an in-depth evaluation of the following analytics platforms:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics Premium
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics 360
  • IBM Digital Analytics
  • Webtrends Infinity
  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360

The need to cover enterprise analytics platforms stems from the demand among marketers to better capture a single view of the customer and gain insights across marketing channels and campaigns. Recent research conducted by Clutch and R2i showed that 75% of respondents in a survey of 500 companies with over 500 employees valued Marketing Analytics as the number one tool necessary for marketing execution.

This finding along with Gartner research showing marketing 24% of the marketing technology budget is allocated to marketing analytics and 11% of the digital marketing budget is spent on analytics activities supports R2i’s focus on providing marketing leaders with a report detailing the leading analytics platforms on the market today.

The report is built and maintained by R2i’s Analytics team who hold certifications in Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics as well as extensive training in Adobe Activation (Dynamic Tag Manager), Google Tag Manager, and Sitecore Analytics.

Lindsay McGettigan, R2i’s VP of Digital Strategy, comments, “There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to Analytics and there are many variables such as the corresponding technology stack, to the resources available to manage and report on data, that should be factored into a platform decision.”

The report is interactive allowing marketers to select up to four platforms at once for comparison, or download the entire report for free. Get started here.

About the Author: Natalie Staines

Natalie Staines is Director of Marketing at R2i and is passionate about digital marketing, storytelling and running. She writes about trends in marketing, best practices and the cool things her colleagues do to connect R2i’s clients with their customers online. In addition to blogging, Natalie juggles a diverse content calendar, events and promotion of R2i’s full breadth of search, social, analytics and technology services. If you can’t find her behind a device, she’s likely off in a pair of Nikes chasing down a PR (personal record that is, not press release, though she does that too).

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